The Sock 'Em, Bust 'Em Board Because that's our custom

I have followed Kerry Martin’s football career closely, so it stinks that I wasn’t in Morgantown yesterday for his first time getting thrown to the media on WVU player interview day. That is my fault for not taking care of a tooth problem and needing an emergency trip to the dentist yesterday morning. You shouldn’t suffer for my bad habits, dear reader, so here is what I can do: the fine folks with the WVU multimedia team posted a portion of the interview on their YouTube channel, which I will post below.

…and just because it popped up when I was looking for some links to use with this post, here is the video I tweeted of the Kerry Martin to Anthony Pittman (now a basketball player at West Virginia State) Hail Mary for Capital to win at Cabell Midland in 2017. Still one of the wildest football games I’ve ever watched.