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We miss Mike Brey

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Yo, no mock turtleneck for Mike Brey. He’s changed conferences, and he’s changed his wardrobe, but he’s not stopped being one of the best and funniest coaches for an interview or a news conference. “I have tenure now at Notre Dame, so I’m really loose,” he said.

Bob Huggins threw fastballs on Wednesday. Brey topped 100 m.p.h. Friday.

Maybe I was the one that got the turtleneck popular. That was my look. And when I got to Notre Dame, they said, ‘Did you really think that through?’ I said, ‘I was in America East. It’s a bus league. You wear a sweatshirt on a bus when you beat Boston University and you bus six hours.’

So it was comfortable and I stayed with it until my daughter said, ‘Dad, that’s got to go. That’s out. That’s got to go.’ But there’s no way I can put the tie on. You’re right. Bob and I were kidding at the meeting and said, we run into each other, two guys not wearing ties. I don’t know how the NCAA feels about that, the whole decorum rule, if we’ll get a fine, or whatever.

Huggins was fine, by the way. But Brey brought a ladder and went to another level. He has the oddest and fondest memories of Morgantown as well as a notable super fan, and Brey explained why.