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We miss Mike Brey


Yo, no mock turtleneck for Mike Brey. He’s changed conferences, and he’s changed his wardrobe, but he’s not stopped being one of the best and funniest coaches for an interview or a news conference. “I have tenure now at Notre Dame, so I’m really loose,” he said.

Bob Huggins threw fastballs on Wednesday. Brey topped 100 m.p.h. Friday.

Maybe I was the one that got the turtleneck popular. That was my look. And when I got to Notre Dame, they said, ‘Did you really think that through?’ I said, ‘I was in America East. It’s a bus league. You wear a sweatshirt on a bus when you beat Boston University and you bus six hours.’

So it was comfortable and I stayed with it until my daughter said, ‘Dad, that’s got to go. That’s out. That’s got to go.’ But there’s no way I can put the tie on. You’re right. Bob and I were kidding at the meeting and said, we run into each other, two guys not wearing ties. I don’t know how the NCAA feels about that, the whole decorum rule, if we’ll get a fine, or whatever.

Huggins was fine, by the way. But Brey brought a ladder and went to another level. He has the oddest and fondest memories of Morgantown as well as a notable super fan, and Brey explained why.