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Notre Dame is not very deep, and West Virginia knows this.

“They only play six or seven guys, and it’s really six,” WVU guard Teyvon Myers said. “I feel like my 10 are better than any 10 in the country. That’s just how I feel. If my 10 guys go battle their six or seven guys, I think we should be fine as long as we get them out of their comfort zone.”

The Fighting Irish average 77.5 points per game and get 59.6 points per game from four starters. The Mountaineers know this, too.

“That’s too many points,” WVU forward Elijah Macon said. “I feel like if we can take two of those guys out of there, we have a big advantage.” Notre Dame only uses four players off the bench, and the Mountaineers are suspicious of that. Two of the reserves average less than eight minutes.

A Division I coach who has played against Notre Dame this season knows this as well, and he shared his thoughts on today’s second-round matchup.

“It will be a good game for a while,” said the coach. “What you have to watch is how Notre Dame looks in the last 10 minutes — especially on one day of [preparation].”

That’s the ticket — to San Jose, California, the next round, said the coach.

“West Virginia has more strength and quickness,” he said. “That will hurt Notre Dame, especially when you look at the guys coming off the bench. Notre Dame doesn’t have that.”