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Brass tacks

You know, in a way it’s a good thing WVU fans don’t care much about Big 12 rivals (yet, right now, in perpetuity, whatever). There isn’t a regular visitor to the Coliseum, for example, that generates the sort of vitriol, the sort of venom, we once witnessed in Big East battles. Why, a visit from Kansas is good for a yawn, an upset and the flick of a wrist to ink 25 grr Bob Huggins’ way. This is not to say it won’t happen, especially if this Iowa State thing continues to spin into a major storm, but for now, no, there isn’t a lot of animosity coming from the seats.

So perhaps the Mountaineers can breathe easy knowing they don’t figure to soon be affected by one of the coming changes to sportsmanship in the Big 12. ((Mr. Ubben highlights the days other, I don’t know, highlights, in the rest of the text at the link.)

Inappropriate chants also fall under the new sportsmanship policy.

“We have had some issues with that over the past year,” Bowlsby said.

The league is requiring each school to appoint a student life staff member to assist the athletic department to help student leadership communicate that chants with “foul language or inappropriate intent” won’t be tolerated.

The SEC has a policy in which teams incur fines for all court and field stormings. Fines are raised for each additional incident.

The Big 12’s policy is mostly concerned with the safety of the opposing team and officials, and further incidents will be subject to review from the conference office and could face penalty.

What would Pitt eat in this Big 12? What would one do to the Irish if WVU and Notre Dame still shared conference space? And does this, or should this, cover the B.S. fans do and will rain down upon officials with whom they have disagreements?

Those are all things to consider as part of the league’s new policy that’s geared mostly at maintaining safety and sanity on playing surfaces after games. It features punitive measures like reprimands, fines and, in egregious and/or continued violations, the loss of future home games, which is bold.