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Take two

Kevin White is going to work out at WVU’s pro day today, which on the surface seems sort of surprising given the way he aced the draft combine. But he’s not running the 40, and he’ll simply run routes and catch passes and do things that aren’t likely to hurt or help his position in next month’s NFL Draft, but it gives the eyes of the NFL decision-makers another chance to see and believe. White’s performance at the combine last month might need a follow up because it surprised even those who know him best.

“I knew he was going to run fast,” receivers coach Lonnie Galloway said, “but I didn’t think he’d go 4.3.”

Technically, a confirmed 4.35.

Also not surprising: Mario Alford will work out and run the 40 because his combine 40 was a brow-archer as well — though not in a good way. The 4.43 was slower than people expected, and possibly also slower than people recorded.

“A lot of scouts had him at 4.38 unofficially,” Galloway said. “Everyone probably had him running 4.3 or something like that. I don’t know what his deal was, but everyone knows he’s fast. I’d be surprised if Mario doesn’t go 4.3 flat, or at least 4.3-something this time.”

(Update: Lonnie was right and wrong. How’s 4.25 sound?)