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I’d say we’re a long way from that day. You know Mike Calicchio’s name and you know the spelling now.

The cool part about Mike Calicchio getting a scholarship — in truth, he, like Dayron Wilson, retained a scholarship — is obvious. I don’t need to tell you what a welcome relief it is for a kid and his family. The other cool part is the attention the kid gets and the inevitability his story is told — or in Calicchio’s case, re-told.

We’ve obsessed about him for a while.

But he got more and deserved attention at player interviews Friday and I’m pretty happy so many were so interested in getting to know him and what he’s been through to arrive at where he is today. Like Dana Holgorsen said Thursday, great kid, great story, and he’ll remain a big part of what the Mountaineers do in 2014.