They just need two

Time is ticking here in camp and Dana Holgorsen and his assistants are closer by the day to designing depth charts. West Virginia has two wide receivers and needs two more, meaning one issue at the start of camp is gone and has been replaced by another.

CAMP BEGAN WITH questions about who’ll play inside receiver with and behind Daikiel Shorts, and that took a bad turn with news that one candidate, redshirt freshman Jacky Marcellus, would miss the season with a knee injury.

Camp is closing with answers there and questions at wide receiver.

Holgorsen said Logan Moore, who competed for the quarterback spot in the spring, has earned a spot at inside receiver and Jordan Thompson has been “phenomenal” so far.

“He may be turning a corner toward making plays,” Holgorsen said.

Right now, there are only names behind wide receivers Mario Alford and Kevin White. Holgorsen said he’d like to get two backups out of junior K.J. Myers, sophomores Vernon Davis and Devonte Mathis and redshirt freshman Shelton Gibson and their 25 career receptions.

9 Responses to “They just need two”

  1. smeer says:

    how can a coach known for his prolific passing Os have a shortage of WRs and too many RBs?

  2. Down South says:

    Are we absolute certain that the guy with the dreadlocks in the # 11 jersey is not Bruce Irvin?

  3. Jason B. says:

    To fix the loading problem have your tech guys get rid of the script on your blog page that tries to access “” That is what is causing the 20 second delay for everyone when the page loads. It’s in the bit of web code that builds the little “advertising” string under the search bar.

    Fixing this load time will greatly enhance the Tier 4 Fan Experience!

  4. BobbyHeenan says:

    Down South – We could always find them both, line them up, and make them run a 40. My money is on Irvin being the fastest (seriously). Then, we could throw them fade routes and the guy who catches the most is also probably Irvin (only kind of serious).

    Smeer – I too have been a little surprised about the shortage of WR’s. Dana has had at least some hand in getting a TON of high impact guys (both inside and outside WR’s) into the league – Welker, Blackmon, Crabtree, Amendola, Bailey, Austin et al. I’m sure Dana was not involved in the recruitment or talent eval of each of them, but he’s clearly shown he can display your talents on the field and get you in the league.

  5. SheikYbuti says:

    Jason B. is my new favorite poster.

  6. I love you, Doug! says:

    Logan Moore: continuing the long line of undersized, under-speeded, gutsy no-YAK WVU receivers, from Connor Arlia to John Pennington to Zach Abraham and probably beyond.

  7. lowercase jeff says:

    Jason B. is my new favorite american.

  8. SheikYbuti says:

    And folks, when lcj uses capital letters to make a point, you can take it to the bank.

  9. glibglub says:

    20 second delay? Did he leave off a digit?