Dana Holgorsen discusses opening day

I’m still not at peace with the fact Clint Trickett is off Twitter, nor am I OK with touting Jacky Marcellus like two hours before we found out he’s out for the season. Nevertheless, Dana’s first get-together with the media was filled with discoveries. It’s time for us to speak to the players we’re allowed to speak to. If the event warrants such attention, I’ll share more discoveries.

8 Responses to “Dana Holgorsen discusses opening day”

  1. BobbyHeenan says:

    I’ll put this comment here instead (updated)…

    Good info, Mike.

    With Bell back and with good early reports (and obvious upside) from Dravon Henry (?CB or Nickle, maybe FS?), I think we have a significant amount of added depth instantly in the defensive backfield.

    However, I think the Marcellus loss hurts. I really am not enthusiastic about the inside WR spot. Shorts is good, but he’s Devin Brown/Millhouse. I’m not asking for another Tavon, but we don’t have anyone above that Brown Millhouse level (and we all know there’s a lot of space between Brown/Millhouse and Tavon), and I think that’s a big problem for this offense.

    I think Smallwood could take some snaps inside, but I contend that to be a good IR, you need to have a good “feel” for that role (sliding in behind LB, sitting down in a zone, knowing when to break off your route), and just inserting a guy who looks or runs like an inside WR won’t work.

  2. NotFooled says:


    Why are you not a peace with CT being off of Twitter? Actions have consequences. Pretty sure Smallwood is off of witness intimidation…

  3. Mike Casazza says:


    Touche, I guess. I found his account to be funny at times and a nice window into the life of the team at times, but I also don’t think the punishment fits the crime — and not just here. I don’t like it when people take stuff away when someone uses it wrong. I’d rather see someone be made to learn how to use it properly. Like, what if Clint was sentenced to 25 tweets that publicized campus or community events? Would that not teach him about the power and the reach of his 140 characters?

  4. NotFooled says:

    Mike – I like your thoughts on the PSA tweet as a lesson. You should share that with HCDH or tweet it to Hertzel and see if he RTs it to others :-)

  5. NotFooled says:

    Oh, and I noticed that the Tier 4 studios is out of English Harbour :-(

  6. Mike Casazza says:


    Never fear. Tier 4 is docked and loaded.

  7. SheikYbuti says:

    Hertz would try to RT, but it would wind up going out in a couple hundred DMs.

  8. smeer says:

    so has IMG worked up a contract with Coke/Dasani over product placement?