Top of the ninth

Well, here we are. One road trip remains and WVU’s baseball team needs a significant showing in the weekend series that starts tonight at Texas Tech — either that, or make a dent in the Big 12 Tournament next weekend. For now, the Mountaineers are still considered to be in the Field of 64, but they’re on the cusp and they have their work cut our for them.

The Red Raiders are 28-4 at home, including a 7-2 mark in conference home games. They did lose three at still-hot Kansas before crushing Dallas Baptist in a mid-week game, but the Mountaineers are scuffling with four straight losses after the seemingly momentous series win at home against Texas.

But are the Mountaineers playing poorly? Not really. The starting pitching isn’t going where it did before, but it isn’t embarrassing, and WVU has run into some pitchers, which has quieted bats, but there have been some games there for the taking that haven’t been taken. These aren’t blowouts, you know?

Good news? Harrison Musgrave did OK against Texas Tech last season.

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  1. SheikYbuti says:

    Yeah, we need to steal one this weekend (Friday, behind Musgrave, would be nice) and play at least four games in the conference tourney. Anything less than a 3-4 finish, and I’ll be a bit worried, though winning or sweeping the Tech series would probably grant us some insurance against a tourney two-and-out, making a 2-3 finish okay.

  2. I love you, Doug! says:

    Pat White does it again! (See if he can get Nick Saban fired like he got Greg Van Zant fired.)

    Stephen J. Nesbitt ‏@stephenjnesbitt 49m

    WVU’s Pat White (@P5White) doesn’t roll tide: “So glad I turned down a Corvette to become a Mountaineer.”
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  3. SheikYbuti says:

    Baby, he was much too fast.

  4. tom sirk says:


    We should have known when Nick parked his car sideways


  5. smeer says:

    Nick’s untouchable – it happened while he was at LSU

  6. smeer says:

    Pat White on the other hand is burning bridges to his home state (except among Auburn fans)

  7. Dann White says:

    Smeer, I’m not sure that Alabama has been Pat’s home state at all since he beat out Bednarik for the starting role. I think that its just where his family is from these days.

    Then again I might be wearing those rosy glasses again.

  8. smeer says:

    DW – I can’t remember now whether it was Auburn or Bama that was really chasing him as a DB – just know that after reading that article on the SEC bagman how families are ostracized if there kid goes to the wrong school.

    For all I know PW could have facebooked tongue in cheek but without the cute little emoticons, it’s hard to tell :))

    which I was trying to do (tongue in cheek) in my burning bridges post above (is there an emoticon for that?)

    and wow – did this thread get hijacked!

    baseball team lost in extra innings – tough loss in the first of the series

  9. smeer says:


  10. Kevin says:

    From my recollection and what I’ve read, Alabama didn’t recruit Pat very hard because he wanted to be a QB, but LSU and Auburn were after him as a DB.

  11. SheikYbuti says:

    I think that’s correct. Had Alabama been seriously interested in recruiting Pat, they would have offered him a Maserati.

  12. smeer says:

    well played Sheik