Get to know Tarik Phillip (at last)

We’ve only told part of the story about Tarik Phillip so far. Here’s the rest, thanks to a bunch of fun anecdotes the player and his assistant coach shared with me.

My favorite? Phillip (pictured playing defense, of course, in the photo above) was invited to a famed junior college showcase for the country’s best second-year players.

“He hadn’t even played a game in junior college,” McMillan said. “That’s unheard of, but that’s how good he was.”

5 Responses to “Get to know Tarik Phillip (at last)”

  1. Josh24601 says:

    I hope he’s good at basketball and Huggsmanship.

  2. chocolate covered bacon says:

    I’d feel better if two things were different. The first is that quote ended in “is”. Second, that the authorities in NC had gotten to “look” at Mr. Phillips prior to his commitment to WVU.

    Past that…

    /brings a whole new perspective to the previous post, “What’s your price for flight”

  3. Dann White says:

    Why do we always claim to recruit the second coming of ______(insert name)_______, but the second coming always has one foot in jail and the other on _____(insert slippery surface)____.
    C’mon Bob, why can’t you recruit high school players sans the criminal record. I am totally fed-up with this sleazy exhibition. Hell, you’re not even winning with these pricks, if you were it might be somewhat understandable, still sleazy – but somewhat understandable.
    Please, can we rise above this, Mr. Luck?


  4. The Artist Formerly Known as EER96 says:

    Mickey, is that you?

  5. jtmountaineer says:

    Artist: like.