WVU v. TCU: If these Washingtons were Benjamins

I suppose it’s fair to mention that history is on the line because TCU, while infested by injury bugs, is so close to being historically bad. So close.

The Horned Frogs have a 15-game losing streak, all of it in Big 12 play, after going 9-3 in non-conference competition. The .750 winning percentage outside of league play was the best since going 11-3 in the 1999-2000 season.

A WVU win today would make TCU just the third team to start 0-16 in Big 12 play. The 1998-99 Baylor team and the 2003-04 Texas A&M squads started and finished 0-16. TCU could be the first to go 0-18. This is the third season with 18 games — and the Big 12 has been a thing since the 1996-97 season — and teams have gotten close to 0-18 twice, including 2-16 TCU last season. Texas Tech was closer at 1-17 a year before.

But wait, there’s more. The conference record for consecutive losses is 20 games (Baylor, 2004-06), though the Horned Frogs, with four games remaining, are unlikely to tie or set that one because of a probably cozy home opener next season. The record 19 straight Big 12 losses (that same Bayor team) could happen in January. TCU has lost all 17 of its  Big 12 road games, and hasn’t won a conference road game since Feb. 20, 2012, but is a long way from Colorado’s 35-game Big 12 road losing streak (2006-10).

Nevertheless, WVU can and honestly ought to keep all those things going today and has to be counting this one when Bob Huggins maintains confidence that his team can make the NCAA Tournament as an at-large team.

But will it be so easy? Projections say “YES”, all caps, and I imagine that’s because TCU plays slowly on offense and a 2-3 zone on defense and to minimize possessions and manage weaknesses, of which there are many.

That’s a danger against WVU because WVU can get hot, especially at home, where the points per possession is 1.22. That’s a big number. WVU’s overall PPP is 1.13, which is No. 34 nationally. In the road/neutral/Civic Center games, the PPP is 1.05.

The ways around that? TCU would have to force and avoid turnovers, rebound dominantly and make 3-pointers.

Those are all startling weaknesses for the Horned Frogs. No team has turned it over more or turned opponents over fewer times that TCU. The rebounding margin is the worst in overall games and conference games (minus-14.3!), as are the 3-point shooting percentages.

And here’s the highlighted stat. TCU has made the fewest baskets in Big 12 games (290) and all games (571). The second lowest totals are 82 and 109 baskets better. That’s crazy in this league, and because I can’t stop fixating upon this, TCU averages 19.3 baskets per game in Big 12 competition. That’s a half against WVU!

Their margin for error is super small and they’ll be without Amric Fields, who will miss a third straight game with injury. Five players are out for the season with injuries. That doesn’t help.

Best case for the Horned Frogs? It’s not far-fetched, actually. The have an elite scorer and the kind that can give WVU’s conference-worst defense fits. Kyan Anderson can get his shots inside and outside. He drives it well and can finish, which is a concern for WVU’s concerning problem with points in the paint, but he’s also shooting 40.6 percent from 3-point range (39-for-96), 44.8 percent in Big 12 play and 55.3 percent in Big 12 road games.

And here’s where things get weird. TCU is better on the road than at home. I mean, much better. Their scoring average, their field-goal, 3-point and rebounding percentages and their defensive marks are much better away from home.

Unlikely, yes. Impossible. Impossible is nothing.

This blog? It’s not nothing. Let’s throw it in the post …




27 Responses to “WVU v. TCU: If these Washingtons were Benjamins”

  1. lowercase jeff says:

    i am not watching this game. first time in years.

    cant find it anywhere.

    any out of staters having any luck?

  2. Rugger says:

    I can’t find anything.

  3. jtmountaineer says:

    Chase Connor, all-time leading scorer for Shady Springs, three 3s!

    Second leading scorer at Shady Springs? Sophia Patrillo.


  4. Josh24601 says:

    What is a Chase Connor?

  5. Josh24601 says:

    Link to a cooking show involving frog legs: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wv-wildlife

  6. avb31 says:


    Link to watch the Chase Connor show online.

  7. jtmountaineer says:

    Offense really clicking, but our defense still can’t make TCU look like TCU.

  8. Josh24601 says:

    Whose bigs get more shots blocked by the rim than ours?

  9. avb31 says:

    Wow. Did Harris really just let that kid get all the way to the basket? wow.

  10. avb31 says:


  11. Josh24601 says:

    No more Devin Williams or Gary Browne contested shots in the lane, please.

  12. jtmountaineer says:

    Next year’s challenge for Eron Harris: obtain/earn the same swagger on the defensive end as he already has on offense.

    Hope TCU fades the way they did our first game.

  13. Josh24601 says:

    At least Anderson got that 3rd foul before the half. Right, guys?

  14. Josh24601 says:

    Dear me, this offense.

  15. jtmountaineer says:

    Dibo’s misses have as much chance of hitting the back of the rim as nothing at all.

  16. Shoot4show says:

    Even Jay and Tony are knocking the performance of both teams.

  17. Josh24601 says:

    Send the DVD of this game to the Hall of Fame. Every mens room needs urinal cakes.

  18. jtmountaineer says:

    Good. We *are* better than them.

  19. Mack says:

    Someone on here educated me earlier this season, after WVU beat TCU, that WVU had just beaten a “much better” TCU team than what TCU had last year. 0-16.

    I’ve glanced at standings of various sports here and there but it seems like TCU hasn’t been very competitive in any sport in the Big 12 other than baseball. WVU on the other hand seems to be holding its own in all of the non-revenue sports.

  20. Mack says:

    Mike, regarding possession after the technical, possession is supposed to go to the team who had possession of the ball at the time the technical foul was called. (That’s an explanation I heard a million years ago but I’m not sure if it’s actually correct).

  21. smeer says:


    cryptic Mike

    TCU’s roster reads 0,1,2,3,4,5,10,11 . . .

    no 6,7,8, or 9 on the roster

    that guy was passing on something to you . . . probably from Snowden

  22. jtmountaineer says:

    Mack, I believe I was one of the TCU educators after that first close win, and I’ll stand behind what I said about the team they were to that point in the season. Since then, they’ve lost their leading scorer, Fields, who laid 22 against us in that game, and two other contributors to injury. No surprise they’re 0-16 when, even with those players, they’d probably be lucky to be 2-14.

  23. Foul Shot says:

    Nice win.
    It would have been nice to be able to see it.
    Frustrating, the last three have been nowhere to be found for us.
    I guess that is what happens when an average team plays an awful team, no one picks it up.
    Need the next two to have any hope of getting into the big tourney, but Huggs has street cred with the committee, so maybe he knows something we dont.

  24. Mack says:

    jtmountaineer, I assume you mean 2-16 . . . like TCU went last year.

  25. jtmountaineer says:

    No, I mean right now instead of 0-16, they’d be 2-14.

  26. smeer says:

    Lady eers just stole one from Baylor. Ugliest basketball I have ever seen, but they just win (well not ugliest – last year’s men’s team wins that award)

    Baylor’s Odyssey Sims is the B12 Women’s basketball version of Michael Jordan. She is phenomenally good but also gets the benefit of many calls. She missed a shot/or had it blocked – then she must have been fouled. (Busy’s fifth foul) That being said, she also got beat up pretty good and real fouls weren’t called.

    Cary’s girls know how to play in clutch.

    Blew up Baylor’s home B12 winning streak on Senior Night. sweet. tied for B12 conference title with one to go.

    Well done. As Mack shared, we are doing much better than TCU in non-revenue sports.

  27. SheikYbuti says:

    Maybe the next time the men’s basketball head coaching position comes up, Mike Carey will get a serious look — that is, if he’d be interested.