WVU v. TCU: Follow these orders


You are looking live at a wall inside the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum, where WVU and TCU tangle at 4 p.m. Could be fun! TCU plays some 2-3 zone. I see you working, Horned Frogs.

You might have suspected this already if you didn’t hear it last night, but …

I’ll get into that a little bit more later in the blog. Your big news right now is that Eron Harris is working through the flu and probably won’t start today.

Oh, speaking of blog, what rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs?

Two things I’m following here today:

1) How does WVU deal with TCU’s size?

WVU hasn’t seen a lot of size and hasn’t dealt well with the size it’s seen (The Moving Screen for Gonzaga, Frank Kaminsky for Wisconsin, even B.J. Hammons for Purdue). I thought Noreen did a pretty good job keeping William & Mary’s players away from the basket, which helped swing that game, even if it was a game that didn’t quite necessitate a swing. Devin Williams and Brandon Watkins are going to have to have big games inside dealing with TCU’s Karviar Shepherd, Amric Fields and Brandon Parrish.

I asked Bob Huggins about this the other day and wondered where his team was in relation to being able to guard big players. He responded that thought tall, the TCU task wasn’t too much because Shepherd and Parrish are freshmen — and I should mention that because of injuries Fields has played eight games these past two seasons.

It takes time to learn to play big both as a player and as a team. That’s not a bad point by Huggins, except that Williams and Watkins are also freshmen.

2) This is Terry Henderson’s kind of game.

I think your obvious X Factor today is Terry Henderson. He had no rebounds against Purdue — and he’s had a zero-point game already this year, too … weird season. With that Purdue game as the impetus, he went inside quite a bit against W&M and had his best game of the season with 19 points (just one 3-pointer) and four rebounds (two were on offense, and he posted up some).

He’d be the guy to start for Harris, if that does indeed happen, and absorb whatever minutes are drained from Harris’ reserve, but he has to help rebound and he has to get close with drives and where he catches the ball because TCU’s guards are kind of small and Henderson is not.

This is something Henderson and Huggins have been talking about, and you saw some of it against W&M. Today is a day when it has to become a thing, right? But if he needs to shoot, well, he he was 3-for-4 from 3-point range and had 17 points here last year and said Thursday he was looking forward to getting back on this court.

He hasn’t forgotten his spots, either.

21 Responses to “WVU v. TCU: Follow these orders”

  1. pknocker40 says:

    I’ve missed the Whataburger commercials

  2. Shoot4show says:

    If Nathan can continue to rebound, it will be huge for this team.

  3. Shoot4show says:

    Good D, Bob. Way to stop the break… on your own team. Oops.

  4. jtmountaineer says:

    If TCU’s 3 shooting levels off, we’ll be fine. Nathan Adrian’s going to be a really good junior and senior. Ditto Devin Williams, who is starting to learn what he can and can’t do, but he still, in his position, should not get blocked as often as he does. Just no elevation.

  5. jtmountaineer says:

    By my count, Gary Browne singlehandedly caused three turnovers in that half: a charge, a steal, and the rare 10-second violation.

  6. avb31 says:

    I think Adrian will be a good Sophomore. Let’s hope TCU cools off.

  7. Shoot4show says:

    I get the impression Debin needs a step to get off the floor near the basket. What’s the over/ under on bunnies he doesn’t covert in a game?

  8. avb31 says:

    Time to put this one away.

  9. Shoot4show says:

    We need to buy Devin some of those weird looking jump shoes.

  10. jtmountaineer says:

    This is looking like a game we’re going to win only if TCU obliges by missing shots.

  11. avb31 says:

    Refs getting a little whistle happy here. Let them play!

  12. avb31 says:

    Good win. Need to sweep this road trip and get one Monday. Tech might be down after taking Iowa St to the limit.

  13. Foul Shot says:

    Nice W.
    Great to get the first B12 win, but WVU beat these guys twice last year so let’s not celebrate too hard.

  14. jtmountaineer says:

    Supposed to get this one, but far from a sure thing. Staten took over. Literally took over.

  15. oklahoma mountaineer says:

    Adrian’s rebounding was totally unexpected by me — we have to hope Holton becomes eligible and is as good as advertised……

    A jump shooting team needs to be able to rebound consistently — today looked good, but I’m not sure they can hold up without help against better teams.

  16. netbros says:

    I don’t know if it’s good to get Holton or not. Essentially you’d only get him for half this season. Why not redshirt and have him for two full seasons? Is he good enough to make a difference between a league record of say 8-10 to 12-6? Does he fit right into the chemistry immediately, or do they struggle for a few games to work him into the system? Big difference between practice and game situations.

  17. jtmountaineer says:

    I think you have no choice but to play Holton right away. For a few games, he’ll have to be a situational player, the way Watkins has been used. Because of this and because he’s been practicing witht he team, I don’t think he can do anything but help. Pleasant surprise to hear this news.

  18. Mack says:


    BCS national championship tickets are going for less than face value. In a similar circumstance (two teams traveling a good distance for the game), I think the college football playoff tickets are going to be a lot cheaper. I have no idea how they plan on selling out Jerry’s World for a national championship game on one week’s notice if the teams have to travel a great distance to get there. When you factor in that it will be after Christmas/New Year’s and probably a mid-week game…

  19. Mack says:

    Adding to that last post, I understand that they all care more about TV ratings than live attendance . . . and the TV ratings will be great . . . but still.

  20. Rugger says:

    Seems that the Conference Championships make it tough for some folks to find the time and money to travel twice in 30 days for their favorite team.

    On an unrelated note, I just read that Grantham committed to Clemson over Michigan back in early October.

  21. hershy112 says:

    Good point, Mack. Not to mention trying to find an affordable flight on a week’s notice. I haven’t read much about the playoff set up, but are the “semi-finals” going to be hosted by the higher ranked teams? That might at least help. Maybe people book flights/hotels in advance in hopes that they make it to the championship and cancel if they don’t. Just buy a refundable ticket. Still, a lot of logistical issues. The price of tickets needs to come down regardless.

    The mid-week games are definitely a problem too. Most of the time, around the first week of January, people are getting back to work after taking vacation around the holidays, making it difficult to take even more vacation to travel to a game.