Scoop & Score 12.19.13

Live at 9 a.m. with Christmas traditions, coaching carousel with Zach Barnett from and some WVU musings.

(Update: The podcast is right here.)

5 Responses to “Scoop & Score 12.19.13”

  1. oklahoma mountaineer says:

    Aaric Murray is who we thought he was…….a player who plays when he wants to play and takes most other nights off.

    He was playing in a gym near his home against a “name” team with a mediocre record. He had a game against, I believe, Kansas last year where he was absolutely awesome……then he went back to sleep never to be seen again.

    He is the type of player who makes a coach’s hair turn grey or fall out.

    Good luck, but glad he’s gone.

  2. Rugger says:

    he seems like the type of player who should smoke Sativa in lieu of Indica.

  3. JP says:

    I actually caught the last few minutes last week. I love the pregnant pauses. 9 am, though, it’s hard.

  4. oklahoma mountaineer says:

    Mike, I’m trying to listen to the podcast and it appears the 12/12 feed is attached to the 12/19 page……it starts talking about the upcoming Heisman ceremony.

  5. Mike Casazza says:


    Try again? It’s working for me…