WVU v. Marshall: Here come the festivities!


You are looking live at the Charleston Civic Center, scoreboards and shot clocks that actually work and the Ruthian Friends of Coal center court logo.

But how about some press row ugly Christmas sweaters? I thought so…

Upset of the night: No argyle. It's like I don't know him anymore.

Upset of the night: No argyle. It’s like I don’t know him anymore.

Argyle! Jack Bo's successor in every imaginable sense.

Argyle! Jack Bo’s successor in every imaginable sense.

Mike Carvelli of the Blue & Gold News answered the challenge.

Mike Carvelli of the Blue & Gold News answered the challenge.

Derek Redd wearing -- and I'm serious -- a XXXL women's shirt, but getting the job done.

Derek Redd wearing — and I’m serious — a XXXL women’s shirt, but getting the job done.

I was not aware I was being photographed. Was innocently watching the pregame warmups.

I was not aware I was being photographed. Was innocently watching the pregame warmups.

Heated exchange this morning: Wife didn't think this was an ugly sweater and I'd be letting down people. I don't see what's redeeming about this sweatshirt.

Heated exchange this morning: Wife didn’t think this was an ugly sweater and I’d be letting down people. I don’t see what’s redeeming about this sweatshirt.

Still waiting on visual confirmation that Geoff Coyle is wearing this, but it's what he proudly sent me a photo of earlier.

Still waiting on visual confirmation that Geoff Coyle is wearing this, but it’s what he proudly sent me a photo of earlier.

Good look. Good blog…

Mike Casazza December 14, 20136:49 pm

Say hello to the Civic Center WiFi, everybody. We’re 50-50 from this point forward.

Mike Casazza December 14, 20136:38 pm

Eron Harris, I think, has the same socks and the shoelaces to match.

Mike Casazza December 14, 20136:38 pm

We’ve got some weird shoe stuff happening tonight. Devin Williams has the Joe Mazzula purple and gold look. Terry Henderson has these nice neon green socks.

Mike Casazza December 14, 20136:35 pm

As for the basketball part of this party, there will be no Elijah Pittman tonight. Marshall’s leading scorer was indefinitely suspended Monday. Marshall hasn’t played since and Pittman isn’t here. However, Ryan Taylor is and he’ll come off the bench. He’s the top rebounded and a very active and effective low-post player despite being 6-5, 225.

36 Responses to “WVU v. Marshall: Here come the festivities!”

  1. netbros says:

    Out-of-staters have no TV tonight, so the more info shared the better. Thanks in advance Mike and fellow commenters.

  2. I keep waiting for the day that the Civic Center becomes less of a dump.

    Waiting, waiting, waiting…

  3. avb31 says:

    Why? Why must we be forced to listen to Frank Giardina every single year? He is just the worst.

  4. avb31 says:

    I guess the MU bball team is making up for all those missed tackles in the football games over the years.

  5. Dann White says:

    Wow! Marshall has a cheerleader that is about 11 years old.

  6. Mountiefan3 says:

    Why does that reporter for roots sports even ask questions? I thought huggs was going to slap him, however it is simply hilarious. Talk about….

  7. Bobby Heenan says:

    Awful first half. Ugly basketball for all involved except for some flashes from Canty.

    We are hardly running our offensive sets, getting very few shots in rhythm. They are pressuring on D and it is bothering us.

  8. Dann White says:

    In my mind, it is pretty obvious that both of these teams are top-heavy with newcomers.

    Huggins then shows his regard for the sideline reporter’s dumb question by giving him a non-answer.

    Is anyone else seeing flashes of playground-style basketball in this game? I have noticed it at those times where the tempo picks up. I still haven’t noticed this Mountaineer team taking advantage of the new shot clock by passing the ball and setting up their offense.
    As someone else pointed out recently; there should be no rush to shoot the low-percentage shots, especially when the team is not set-up for the rebounding opportunities and/or putbacks.

  9. Dann White says:

    Once again we take the low-percentage shot, then bail for the back-court as if its automatically going to fall. Result: Marshall rebound.
    This quick on the trigger stuff is driving me batty.

  10. Dann White says:

    Of course, I was batty long before this team was born.

  11. Dann White says:

    We allow them 6, yes, 6 attempts and then send them to the free-throw line, and we’re only down by two??????????????????
    Noreen has a serious case of WB’s disease tonite.

  12. avb31 says:

    Devin Williams…yikes.

  13. Dann White says:

    Well, no fun being alone in here, I guess I’ll just go and watch Marshall play like a coached team.

  14. Bobby Heenan says:

    Dann – I’m with you but there’s not much else to say.

    Williams is playing very poorly. Noreen is hesitant again and they’re backing off both he and Staten. We can’t run offense when we have 3 guys on the floor that can’t space defenders (Watkins, Noreen, staten) – so this looks waaayyy too much like last year.

  15. Dann White says:

    Man you got that right. At some point I start wondering if the problem is really with the players. Could it be game-planning, coaching, what?
    This game doesn’t seem this close, at all!

  16. avb31 says:

    Devin Williams isn’t a back to the basket scorer at this point. It seems like Huggs is desperate to try to add this dimension to the team, but it just isn’t there this year.

    And every time we have a chance to take the lead, the ball inevitably ends up in Williams’ hands.

  17. Bobby Heenan says:

    Canty killing us in man. I thought Huggs may go zone but he brings in Browne to guard him. Interesting.

  18. Dann White says:


  19. avb31 says:

    Put up or shut up time, Eron.

  20. Shoot4show says:

    Man! It shouldn’t be this hard.

  21. Bobby Heenan says:

    Really strong final 4 min from Staten and Browne.

  22. Shoot4show says:

    Watkins on the glass was huge.

  23. avb31 says:

    It’s always a difficult game with Marshall.

  24. Dann White says:

    Huggins gets 140
    The reporter asks another moronic question
    And, the WVU teams acts like 11 year-olds trying to been seen on TV.

  25. WVU now leads the men’s basketball series over Marshall 31-11, and we all know where the football series stands.

    I hope Charleston is happy…

  26. JC says:

    Anyone else concerned it took a monster effort from Watkins to beat a Marshall team that was without it’s best player to suspension?

  27. Rugger says:

    A “W” is a “W” vs Marshall. They sell their souls to the devil every year for this one.

    Mack, please do not start a Brandon Watkins Fan Club.
    Warren B.

  28. jtmountaineer says:

    It’s ever impossible to glean anything from the Marshall game. The tourney teams of ’05, ’06, and ’11 all lost, and the Final Four team got taken pretty much to the wire. Meanwhile last year it looked like Deniz had turned a major corner after a dominating performance. Always glad just to get the win, try not to take too much from this game, and look ahead the very second those clanging rims stop vibrating. I do hope Watkins can build on this effort. It seems that mental lapses, or a slow learning curve, have been what’s kept him out of earlier games, but the dude can hustle and get those KJ garbage points like nobody we’ve had since.

  29. JP says:

    KJ garbage points.

    ^^ Need more of those.

  30. smeer says:

    jt – thinking along the same lines

    we don’t know anymore about this team after this game than we did before.

    not promising if watching the first 35

    couldn’t watch the game – just the highlights of us scoring every time we touched the ball (like Debo highlights) and from that it looks like Marshall plays D worse than we do (ala Watkin’s garbage points)

    and now a long week with no games means another week of speculation

  31. Dann White says:

    Perhaps that off week will sharpen the perspective of some of these young players. I really do like the effort, and yes, Watkins is an interesting possibility. Maybe this performance causes Huggs to figure him more significantly in future games.

    We definitely need height, (what mountaineer team hasn’t been short on that)((yes pun was intended)) I wonder every year about what could we do with a 7 foot swing man. Might as well keep on dreaming.
    Well, I’ve got to go, the bitch is wifing right now.

  32. Down South says:

    First Capital Classic that I’ve missed since 1997. My kids wrestle, which eats up most winter weekends, so I couldn’t make it this year. Unless it returns to its midweek appearance in January, I would imagine I won’t make it back to one for a while. I read all the reasons this game had to be moved out of the middle of January. Seemed like a lot of needless whining to me. It always seemed to be a good thing to have both programs in Charleston in January while the Legislature was on hand, if for no other reason than to keep up appearances. Two of my favorite sports trips (outside of football trips to Morgantown) were the every-other-year trip to play against Virginia Tech in football and the annual basketball game against Marshall. Both, for me, are now victims of conference realignment, which is sad. Be interested to hear from those who attended what kind of crowd the game drew.

  33. Mack says:

    Down South, I made it to the Capital Classic this year precisely because it was on a Saturday in December. There’s no possible way I could make it to Charleston on a mid-week day. I’m very surprised that there aren’t more in my camp than yours… but the attendance has been down since they moved it to December. My guess is that it has more to do with West Virginians generally not caring about college basketball until after January 1st.

    I wouldn’t call this game a casualty to conference realignment because it’s moved to December though.

  34. ffejbboc says:

    Mike, it’s a snub of epic proportions….no Red Panda for any halftimes this year!


  35. pknocker40 says:

    Is there not a Big 12 policy against scheduling non-conference games once Big 12 play starts?

  36. Patchy says:

    I actually felt a twinge of sympathy for the Marshall coach as the agony of watching a tenuous lead inevitably slip away physically manifested itself in his gestures and expressions. Whatever official dismissive lines are spouted by him and his university, this is their NCAA Final Four and it isn’t even played on their home court. As Huggs often notes, Xavier parlayed their spunky little brother status into national prominence via upsets of Cincinnati and/or tournament aristocracy. Marshall seems to content to annoy once a year win or lose with their fan base and their constant trash-talking, no-name players, then slink back into obscurity. Meanwhile, the Kanawha Valley media perpetuate the charade that MU sports are of any consequence via coverage wildly disproportionate to results, size of fan/alumni base, etc. It’s one thing to have the Rolling Stones and Mungo & Jerry on the same festival bill; quite another to assign them equal windows of time for their performances.

    To say that the Civic Center Coliseum is past its useful life is to say that a ’75 Chevy Malibu station wagon might not be suited for Talladega. The so-called expensive seats are split and cracked, with foam innards escaping opportunistically. The cheap seats are in kept in perpetual gloom (made gloomier by the world’s grumpiest ushers in their yellow windbreakers) with a eye-level view of dusty rafters and those flu-inducing ventilation pipes. An emergency evacuation would beget a second disaster, even an ‘orderly’ evacuation drill might not come off without casualties.

    Tickets priced well above the odds include taxes, ‘convenience’ fees, etc. The obvious question: what is being done with box office net takings given the numerous events hosted? Over a span of nearly two decades it’s nigh-on impossible to identify any significant upgrades – playing surface notwithstanding. The restrooms were inadequate they day they opened, especially given their reliance on the courtesy of strangers heeding the meanings of ENTER and EXIT when confronted with the calls of nature.