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USA Today likes WVU

First the Mountaineers grab the top spot in the USA Today poll, then they get the 800-word treatment from columnist Jon Saraceno… who looks a little like … I don’t want to say it, but you know you’re thinking it, too.

Quickly, before lightning strikes me, Saraceno observed Saturday’s 66-21 beatdown and admired the quarterback.

When it comes to football DNA, decoding West Virginia’s genetic football blueprint begins with its quarterback. I think White is the most exciting player in the nation. At 6-2, 190, the junior may also be the best pound-for-pounder when it comes to bronze trophies.

“There he goes — strike a pose,” teased Mountaineers safety Ryan Mundy as White greeted the media.

White won’t make anyone’s first team All-Quotable. No matter. The fleet playmaker from Alabama belongs on any Heisman voter’s list for serious consideration.

He accelerates like a Ferrari. His moves? Just plain sick. White puts the zig in zag, the wiggle in waggle. He’s an efficient passer, too. Against UConn, the elusive quarterback ran wild for 186 yards on only 16 carries, scored two touchdowns and passed for another. During one downfield dash, he gave some poor UConn defender a stiff-arm, knocking him flat, leaving White to remark, “That came out of nowhere — I was excited.”