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It’s not good to be Rich…

… if for no other reason than the fact that no matter what Rich Rodriguez says or does, he cannot free himself from connections to other college football coaching jobs. There have been church mouse quiet whispers that schools might be interested and, let’s be honest, why wouldn’t they be allowed to dream? Nevermind Rodriguez is handsomely compensated at his alma mater, where he is from, and just might have a juggernaut program on the cusp of making The Leap. Schools want the best and, at this stage of the process, anyone is a candidate. So why not Rodriguez?

That’s the nature of the profession, or, shall we say, the business.

Yet on Tuesday, with his team 96 hours from a game that determines the Big East championship and figures into who plays in the BCS title game, Rodriguez was asked about not one, but two jobs. I’d say two openings, but one of the jobs mentioned isn’t even open. Really, shouldn’t Dennis Franchione be out at Texas A&M before you ask Rodriguez about the job?

Here’s a transcript of Tuesday’s throwdown:

 Reporter 1: Rich, I’m watching ESPN last night and lo and behold, up there on the screen they have a list of quote-candidates for the Michigan job. Could you guess whose name was up there?

Rodriguez: We ain’t even going there. Are you kidding me? Put all the names up there, you know?

Reporter 1: Good timing, huh?

Rodriguez: Yeah.

Reporter 2: (Without missing a beat) At the same time Rich, you’ve been mentioned as a candidate for the A&M job.

Rodriguez: (Raising arms, looking around the room in amazement) OK.

Reporter 2: Can you comment?

Rodriguez: Does is look like I’m commenting? I’m focused on UConn. I just signed a long contract. You know, let’s not go there.