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Wish I had thought of this…

I’ve spent a lot of time in press boxes above fields on which West Virginia has played football games the past two years trying to think of ways to describe and define the team and the games they’ve played. It’s a team effort, really, and sometimes more entertaining than the games. We media often have to endure boorish blowouts and games that are no longer interesting after halftime. Sometimes our ideas make it into print and sometimes they probably should have never made it out of our mouths.

Today, though, I must admit I’m a little jealous of Louisville Coach Steve Kragthorpe. Really, how have we watched White and Slaton and Devine and Reynaud and all the others without coming up with this?

University of Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe thinks there should be a new statistic invented for West Virginia’s offensive stars.

“People talk about yards after contact,” Kragthorpe said today. “With these guys, it’s yards after juke. They juke a lot of guys and make plays not just by breaking tackles, but by creating vapor tackles