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Finally, a place for rumors

Who doesn’t love gossip? Certainly not the person who starts the gossip. And so it is that some recent conversations and e-mails have tipped me off to a few things I cannot prove, but just have to share. The teases come not from coaches or players, whose trust I cannot betray and who should never be confused as the source of this silliness, but from far less credible places. Nevertheless, if air powers windmills, why can’t hot air power rumor mills?

> Morgantown is becoming a pretty cool place to watch sporting events. You might see a Primetime celebrity on the sideline Thursday night … and here’s hoping Noel Devine has a few chances to high-step. Speaking of guests, grab your thermometers if you head to the Coliseum this season. There’s a chance it might reach 98 Degrees.

> That Gold Rush football coach Rich Rodriguez has been talking about could carry down to the field, as well.

> The men’s basketball team scrimmaged Virginia in the Coliseum two weekends ago and let’s just say the Mountaineers acted in a very cavalier way. Final score wasn’t even close.

> There is some concern about where West Virginia’s top college recruit will play. The Mountaineers are curious, too.

> There is a scramble to get the most possible attention on the WVU-Connecticut football game. Provided both teams do their part, the solution could be as easy as A-B-C.