The Sock 'Em, Bust 'Em Board Because that's our custom

A short explanation from Wellington Smith

When last we saw Wellington Smith, he was celebrating teammate Joe Alexander’s from-the-foul-line dunk at Friday’s Mountaineer Madness by taking a few steps onto the court and then dropping his shorts. Watch the video and you can’t miss it. Heck, watching it live you couldn’t miss it. I was and still am stunned.

Monday, the Mountaineers were available for interviews and as Smith was discussing how what he learned last year could help him this year, I honestly couldn’t resist getting to the, um, bottom of this development.

Did you take your shorts off?

“I did. We play open gym all the time and sometimes someone will dunk on someone or someone will make a nice move and finish at the basket and someone will take his shorts off and maybe throw them. Frank (Young) started it last year. Joe dunked on someone and Frank took his shorts off and threw them up in the stands. It’s just gone on from there.”

Let’s start incorporating this into our lives, OK?