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Two quarterbacks we won’t be seeing soon

The first is poor Marc Bulger. Battered, bruised, broken and now benched — though it seems the WVU graduate is less then pleased.

“If he feels this will help us win, and maybe help us later in the season, then I’m going to trust him,” Bulger said.

Linehan said he changed his mind about his starting quarterback after reviewing tape of passing plays against San Francisco, Tampa Bay, and Dallas.

“There was no way in my mind that some of the throws Marc missed, he would miss in his sleep,” Linehan said. “I truly believe that.

“I think it’s my responsibility to see and act upon a position that’s not performing at the level we expect it to perform and find out the reason why. There is no question in my mind that it’s because he’s in extreme discomfort as he’s trying to throw and move in the pocket.”

This troubling because, if you remember, Bulger’s replacement, Gus Frerote, is a bit of a clutz.

Mississippi State, which plays at WVU Oct. 20, will be without its backup quarterback, Josh Riddell, who had been playing because the original starter was out with a broken hand. The Bulldogs have but two healthy quarterbacks, though this all sounds very familiar.

Last year about this time, Henig was out with a broken collarbone, backup Omarr Conner was out with a severe right groin strain and Tray Rutland was out with a torn ACL and MCL in his left knee.