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But what about that TV?

Cornerback Ellis Lankster and linebacker J.T. Thomas were reinstated by West Virginia Coach Rich Rodriguez Thursday and will be available when the Mountaineers play host to East Carolina tomorrow. It should eventually be a nice boost to a developing defense.  

A few questions have already popped up and a few more need to rise to the surface, so here are some things that have come to the minds of many since learning the nation’s No. 5-ranked team welcomes the services of two projected starters.

Q: When will we see them play?

A: Maybe Saturday, but not likely and probably only if things get really out of hand. Obviously, they’ll have more time to prepare for next Friday’s game at South Florida, so no later than that as Rodriguez needs to get them back on the field sooner rather than later.

Circle Oct. 20 as a significant date. WVU plays host to Mississippi State, but has a bye the week before when lineup changes could occur.

Remember, though, that in place of Thomas and Lankster, Mortty Ivy has played very well at linebacker and the secondary has found a pretty good groove.

Q: What will be the reaction?

A: Interesting topic because what they’re believed to have done is not commendable, but WVU fans will be fans and want to forgive and maybe even forget.

On the road? That’ll be a different story.

Q: Who is the third person?

A: We’ll probably never know, but the answer is out there. So, too, is significant speculation.

When questioned by police, Lankster and Thomas said they’d been at the party where the laptop and television were stolen with a third person. They identified the person.

After the two were arrested, they changed their stories when giving statements and said they’d never named a third person. A curious decision, to be sure, and we’ll leave it at that.

Q: What about that TV?

A: This is the $600 question, so to speak, as that’s the estimated value of the 32-inch flat screen LCD television Zach Pellarin had stolen from his bedroom.

The television could be in the bottom of the Monongahela River or in some Morgantown pawn shop with the serial number scratched out. What’s clear is no one knows.

It’s never been recovered and since police presumably know the name of the third person Lankster and Thomas first identified, then denied naming, it’s safe to assume it’s not in the possession of anyone involved in the case.

Thomas and Lankster seem contrite in their apologies and it’s not much of a reach to assume they would have provided some help in finding the television in order to help their cases.