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A reason to root for Notre Dame

It was 363 days ago when Michigan State wasted a sizable lead at home to Notre Dame, a monumental collapse that more or less got John L. Smith fired, even if it wasn’t official until Nov. 1.

(Who else misses JLS?) 

As far as college games go, this was an entertaining, if not predictable turn of events in East Lansing. As good as the Spartans played in the first half, they were just as bad and probably much worse in the second half, which was a vivid illustration of complete incompetence by the coaches and the players.

And in case you weren’t convinced Michigan State had lost the game more than Notre Dame had won it, you had Detroit sports talk radio host — and MSU grad — Mike Valenti deliver a raving rant two days later.

It’s 15:38 long, but I beg you to give it a listen. Please. Turn it up at your tailgate and enjoy the madness. The words “make plays” will never be the same. Feel free to follow the transcript here.

Personally, the segment from the 3:35 mark to 7:05 is the best, but honestly, Valenti peaks early and sustains to the very end. It’s really a mad science in that he makes obvious and insightful points to make you think, then adds a little dash of crazy to make you laugh.

“What the hell are you doing in the shotgun in a monsoon? You’re asking Drew Stanton to run the option in Hurricane Katrina.”

“Note to John L Smith: learn the effing rules and understand that your timeouts are not like cell phone minutes – they don’t carry over!”

As you get into it, you expect Valenti to somehow incorporate H.R. Pufnstuf and Teddy Ruxpin. Oh, wait. He did.

You’re left wanting more, and maybe we’ll get more. One wonders what might happen if surprisingly inept Notre Dame beats Michigan State tomorrow.

So rally sons of Notre Dame, make Valenti sing his glory and sound his fame.