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One for the thumb?

Chris Henry, as you might have noticed, has a way of finding trouble. It’s something the former West Virginia receiver has surely been thinking about as he serves the eight-game suspension mandated by the NFL this summer. Four arrests in 14 months will have that effect on any commissioner.

Well, now it seems as if trouble might have returned the favor.

An officer spotted a car he did not recognize parked in the Cincinnati Bengal’s driveway, ran the license plates and discovered the car had been reported stolen by a rental-car company.

Henry told investigators that his own vehicle had been stolen in Louisiana, where he is from originally, and he rented a car from Hertz.

Proof that Henry’s reputation precedes him, police officers happen to pass his house often enough to recognize which cars are and are not his … then feel compelled to run the plates of the unfamiliar cars. Seems unfair since Henry has been a good neighbor.

This could be a misunderstanding and authorities probably won’t throw the book at Henry, which is probably for the best because he would likely catch it, spike it and then cross his arms and stare.