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As I’ve mentioned many times before, Tuesday is our most-listened-to day on The AIR and we try to load it up with new episodes of our most popular shows as often as possible. Wouldn’t you know it,  that’s exactly what we did again this week as we bring you more great local music and other goodies like Swing and Psychedelica. This week all three of our Tuesday music programs feature new episodes, and they’re all pretty special.  You can tune in at The AIR website, or listen in on this non-controversial embedded radio player…

Today at 10 AM we are bringing you yet another brand-new episode of Radio Free Charleston, opening with new music from Willaim Matheny, and continuing with a great mix of new music and stuff from deep in our archives. See the playlist below the jump.

Radio Free Charleston can be heard Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM, with replays Thursday at 2 PM, Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 11 AM and Midnight, exclusively on The AIR.

At 2 PM it’s time for Nigel Pye and his psychedelic mixtape program, Psychedelic Shack. This week we get yet another new episode of Psychedelic Shack in its new one-hour format, bringing you Nigel and his weekly hour-long mix of mind-blowing psychedelic music. In this week’s show you’ll hear vintage Vanilla Fuidge, Donovan, Janis Joplin and more mind-altering music. See the playlist below the jump.

Psychedelic Shack can be heard Tuesday’s at 2 PM, with replays Wednesday at 11 AM, Thursday at 5 PM and Saturday at 7 AM.

At 3 PM The Swing Shift brings you another new hour that mixes all types of Swing Music from the last one hundred years into an eminently danceable, cohesive whole. From Jimmie Lunceford and Fletcher Henderson to Joe Jackson and The Brian Setzer Orchestra to new music from Swing Republic and Jack’s Cats, this is one swingin’ affair.

You can hear The Swing Shift Tuesday at 3 PM, with replays Wednesday at 7 AM, Thursday at 7 PM and Saturday at 9 AM, only on The AIR. You can also hear all-night marathons, seven hours each, starting at Midnight Thursday and Sunday evenings.

Remember, you can tune in to The AIR at all hours of the day and night for a variety and quality of programming that you will not find anywhere else.

And let’s not forget those playlists…


William Matheny “Moon Over Kenova”
Jim Wolfe “The Goober Special”
Atomic Cafe “The Trax”
Blue Million “Everything Inside Out”
Brian Diller and the Ride “Don’t Stop at Anything”
Sasha Colette, John Lilly and Jonathan Glen Wood “Walking Cane”
Hitchcock Circus “I Want You”
Karen Allen “Shake Me”
From The Future “For Jaco”
Io and the Ions “There’s a Light”
Trielement “Seven Dirty Words”
Stephen Beckner “Falling Star”
Paul Calicoat “Trampled Flowers”

Psychedelic Shack 011

Vanilla Fudge “Eleanor Rigby”
Donovan “Mellow Yellow”
Canned Heat “Gotta Boogie”
The Flaming Lips “In The Morning of the Magicians”
Strawberry Alarm Clock “Miss Attraction”
Roger Glover “Don’t Look Now”
Janis Joplin “Ball and Chain”
13th Floor Elevators “Pictures (Leave Your Body Behind)”
Danielle Dax “Tomorrow Never Knows”

The Swing Shift 056

Brian Setzer Orchestra “Let’s Live It Up”
BBC Big Band “St. Louis Blues March”
The Jive Aces “I Like To Eat”
Fletcher Henderson “Blue Lou”
Swing Republic “My Baby Bad”
Smoking Time Jazz Club “Gully Low Blues”
Andy Kirk’s Clouds of Joy “A Mellow Bit of Rhythm”
The Swing Shift Big Band “Sho Nuff”
Jimmie Lunceford “Ragging The Scale”
Jack’s Cats “The Boys Just Want The Girl Next Door”
Earl Hines “Up Jumped The Devil”
Joe Jackson “Caravan”
Hot Sugar Band “Jumping At The Woodside”
Jools Holland and John Cale “I Wanna Be Around”

That is our Teusday line-up of new shows. The plan is to have as many new afternoon programs as possible this week, so tune in and see how many we manage to pull off.