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The Velvet Brothers Live At The Cantina!

So this mornig as I hastily tossed together the PopCulteer, I was happy to discover that The Velvet Brothers were playing at The Cantina in Kanawha City tonight. I had to rush out for a check up for my new eyes (got ’em back in May, in case you weren’t paying attention) and remembered that, back in March, Mel and I recorded almost twenty minutes of The Velvet Brothers at The Cantina and, except for playing the audio on the Radio Free Charleston radio show (heard many times every week on The AIR), I had not yet done anything with the video.

See, I was still a couple of month’s away from cataract surgery when we shot this footage, plus I was also still on prednisone for Myasthenia Gravis, and at the time I didn’t have the sight or the patience to edit much video.

But now my eyes are fine. I have patience, and I may well be back to my old form in terms of speed-editing. I cut this video in twenty minutes Friday just before noon. It took a while to render, but here it is.

Shot on March 31, 2017, this is the Velvet Brothers in all their gloriously lounge-y splendor, performing at The Cantina in Knawha City.

Enjoy, and go see them tonight in KC, folks. You’ll hate yourself in the morning if you don’t.