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Weekend Stuff To Do

Your Popculteer’s morning was spent working on the very important piece about the situation at Charleston’s historic landmark, Top-O-Rock, so our weekend guide is going to consist largely of events for which we have BIG GRAPHICS. Also, don’t forget The Ford Theater Reunion at The Boulevard Tavern.



The American Gonzos and Trielement will be at The Bue Parrot at 10 PM. Five bucks gets you in.



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RFC 196 guest, Dina Hornbaker, will be opening for David and Valerie Mayfield at The Empty Glass at 10 PM. Seven bucks gets you in the door.

Dina, Valerie and David
Dina, Valerie and David

Dinosaur Burps and Ray Charleston will perform at The Blue Parrot at 10 PM, with a five-dollar cover.

A Dinosaur. You can't see the burps in this picture
A Dinosaur. You can’t see the burps in this picture