PopCult Rudy Panucci on Pop Culture

Seen at Tricon, the intergalactic Orkin Man

Above you see Radio Free Charleston, 183, “Defenders Of Bulletman Shirt,” with music from Albert Perrone, Saprogen and Radio Cult plus two trailers for movies that can be seen at the Historic Keith-Albee Theater in Huntington during the 2013 Appalachian Film Festival. April 12 and 13. Host segments for this episode were shot at Tricon, the area’s largest comic book convention, held at The Big Sandy Superstore arena in Huntington.

Penny Maple and Molly Tilly, from “Ladybeard.”

We kick off with a trailer for Ladybeard, an Apartment 2B Production, directed by David Smith. This film will be seen April 12 at 9 PM at the Appalachian Film Festival. it’s a great little unconventional romantic comedy, and RFC host, Rudy Panucci has a small role in the film.

See Albert at most editions of The Third Eye Cabaret, Thursdays at The cellar

Next up we have Albert Perrone, a brilliant songwriter and musician who is also a member of The BrotherSisters. The BrotherSisters will be recording a track for their debut CD Thursday, Aprill 18 as part of the Third Eye Cabaret at the Cellar on Capitol Street in Charleson. We feature Albert with a striking video for “The Only Song.”

It looks like we’re performing a classic comedy routine

Filmmaker/Graphic Novelist Daniel Boyd, and comics creator, Jason Pell, show up next, to plug their big book signing for Chillers Volume Two, which will happen at Lost legion Games and Comics April 17, from 6PM to 8 PM.

Sasha Colette and Trace Cherokee, from “Trace Aound Your Heart”

Seth Martin and Friends and Ian Nolte have created a stirring motion picture, sort of “A Star Is Born” with country music…and puppets. You can catch “Trace Around Your Heart” on Friday, April 12 at 7:45 PM as part of the Appalachian Film Festival, and then on Saturday, at 7:30 PM, the stars of the movie, Trace Cherokee and Sasha Colette will take the stage for a special live performance.

Tricon was a blast. We shot all the host segments in a single take each, and they went very smoothly. A brief photo essay will follow the production notes. We do have to confess to a bit of a gaffe. When Rudy was introducing the trailer for “Trace Around Your Heart,” he, once again, mispronounced Sasha Colette’s first name, and mistakenly called Trace Cherokee, “Trace Adkins.” However, due to wily editing and state of the art post-production techniques, we were able to fix the whole Adkins/Cherokee thing in a nearly imperceptible manner.

Saprogen. A still photo does not do these guys justice. You need to watch the video.

Saprogen is one of Charleston’s hardest rocking bands with a killer line-up of metal veterans. They play tons of gigs in Charleston and we will keep you posted in PopCult. We caught up to them a few weeks ago at the Blue Parrot, and bring you Saprogen with “Total Damnation.”

Radio Cult, recorded in Atlanta!

Playing us out this week, after a brief compilation of Tricon clips, is Radio Cult. We recorded this band a few weeks ago in Atlanta, where we were honored to be guests of the JoeLanta GI Joe Collectos Convention. That’s where the Defenders Of Bulletman shirt came from. Radio Cult is a very energetic band that tours all over the country, and they’re also action figure collectors, which makes them extra cool. We’re glad to bring you their version of the No Doubt classic, “Just A Girl” to wrap up this episode of Radio Free Charleston.

And now it’s time for your bonus, a few photos from Tricon…

The Gateway to Comic Book Nirvana
Ba-Man and Pider-man, making a Taco run.
The dark Knight’s most fearsome foe
Beau Smith. That caption is alays floating around him, somewhere.
It’s always cool to see Qiet, evenif it is an obstructed view. We made contact for a top-secret RFC project for later in the year.
Dude, it’s great to meet you! I just love your tests!
It was very cool to meet an amazing artist, and fellow New York Yankees fan, Billy Tucci!
It wouldn’t be a convention without at least one Slave Liea. That’s all, folks!