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Been To JoeLanta!

If you’ve been reading PopCult this past week, you ought to know that I went to Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend to attend my first ever GI Joe collectors convention, JoeLanta 2013.

I have a ton of video and photos and things to share with you, but I’m still recovering from the drive back, and the video is rendering slowiy, so today we’re goingg to bring you a brief photo essay. Tomorrow night you can expect video from the Hobby Roundtable panel, which I was proud to be part of, and a full-blown report on the convention will pop up by this weekend.

For now, here are ten images from JoeLanta 2013. Photos by Melanie Larch and Rudy Panucci.

This picture was taken in the lobby of the Marriott Century Center, in Atlanta. It’s the home of JoeLanta, and….some GI Joes come with parachutes.

Greg Brown, Rudy Panucci, Charlotte Beckmann and Scott Beckmann, part of the Hobby Roundtable. Video coming soon.
Musicians hanging out ’round back of the General Store.
On the front porch, Ash greets a zombie.
Part of the epic Roswell diorama.
Lady Jane, the Steampunk Zepplineer, one of the customs on display.
A shot of the dealer’s room, before it started filling up.
The Adventure Team Big Trapper. First time I ever saw one in person.
An incredibly detailed diorama of a toy-filled bedroom.
This is the booty I got home with. It was a great trip, and you will be hearing more about it this week.