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Monday Morning Excuse: Wait, It’s A Good One

I don’t know if you read about the 100 or so weather-related accidents that happened last Saturday…but I was one of them.  I lost control of my car on black ice going up the entrance ramp to I 64 Eastbound at MacCorkle Ave. in Spring Hill.  I bounced between the retaining wall and the median, with about six impact points along the way, before coming to a stop.

I’m fine. Not a scratch. My car was totaled.  I had hoped to share some photos with you, but when I went to clean it out at Copley’s, they’d stacked a truck on top of the front of it, so you can’t really see any damage.  By the way, seat-belts work, and airbags don’t smell good at all when deployed. The airbag knocked my fedora off (the horror!) and two hours later, one of the lens fell out of my glasses, but I came through unscathed. 

However, I’ve some stuff I have to deal with for the time being, so the Sunday Evening Video post will go up tonight, and Monday Morning Art will hit later this week. Also, RFC is going on hiatus until the first week of January, but we will have a special Christmas mini-episode in a few days.

In the meantime, check out this vintage PopCult post from 2007, read down to item number 13, and then read this story in this morning’s Gazette.

And observe a moment of silence for the Red Cutlass.  Best car I ever had.