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Sunday Evening Videos: Kate Bush Birthday Bash

Kate Bush (you know, the good Bush) turns 50 next Wednesday, so we’re devoting our Sunday Night Videos here at PopCult to ten of her less-well-known videos.  First off, proving that not all folks named “Bush” are warmongers, here’s Kate’s anti-war statement from 1980,  “Army Dreamers.”

After the jump, we have loads more Kate goodness….

Here’s an altnernate video version of Kate’s 1978 worldwide debut hit “Wuthering Heights,” taken, I believe, from a Swedish TV special….

Kate has a pretty hip sense of humor.  Several of her 80s albums thanked The Young Ones, and she even appeared in a Comic Strip special on British TV.  Here’s a 1986 clip of Kate dueting with Rowan Atkinson (you know, Mr. Bean)….


Next we have Kate’s most recent hit from 2005, “King Of The Mountain,” which is on the CD “Aerial. You can read my review here, and then watch the video…

One of my favorite Kate songs, which wasn’t a huge hit, is 1982’s “Suspended in Gaffa.”  Here’s the video for it….

Another cool song by Kate, not well-known in the US, is “Moments Of Pleasure”

From Kate’s 1979 BBC Christmas Special, here she is doing her song “Egypt” a year before the album that it was on was released….


Also from that 1979 special, here’s Kate dueting with Peter Gabriel on Roy Harper’s song, “Another Day.” Aside from this performance, Kate and Peter’s version of this song was never released.  Seven years later, Kate dueted with Gabriel on his hit “Don’t Give Up, bu this was their first public collaboration…..


Finally, we wrap up our early birthday salute to Kate Bush with her most recent release, “Lyra” from the movie “The Golden Compass.” Kate’s not in this video, but you can hear her incredible voice.