Coal Tattoo

The following is from Joel Ebert, who is covering the Don Blankenship trial with Ken Ward Jr.

As the Don Blankenship trial continues, we’ve been working to create a one-stop of sorts for everything related to the case with our website –

Today, we’re adding a new element to the website that will allow you to search through the hundreds of exhibits the government and the defense have introduced during the course of the trial.

Under the resources section of the website, you can now find a section titled “Search All Exhibits.” It is powered by Document Cloud, an amazing tool for journalists that allows us to keep material organized in a very simple way.

Although I’m still working to add the government’s exhibits, with the latest tool you will be able to simply search a key word, like “Chris Blanchard” or “Upper Big Branch” and any documents containing those keywords will be displayed.

As usual, I will continue to update the exhibits introduced by the government and the defense each day, so the database will continue to grow.

If you have any suggestions on ways to improve the website, don’t hesitate to email me –