Sen. Manchin to vote against Obama EPA nominee

July 18, 2013 by Ken Ward Jr.


West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin just finished up a quick floor speech in which he basically said that Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s nominee to run the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is highly qualified for the post — but he’s going to vote against McCarthy’s confirmation anyway.

Sen. Manchin said:

My fight is not with her. My fight is truly with the agency itself, with the EPA and the president himself.

Sen. Manchin noted that McCarthy had advised Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president last year, on climate change issues when Romney was governor of Massachusetts and was well qualified to run EPA:

It’s not hard to imagine … this same lady could have been nominated to be the EPA administer if Mitt Romney would have won, by another president from another party.

But Sen. Manchin said he wants to make a point to the administration about his opposition to what he said is “a true declaration of war on coal” by the Obama White House:

The fight will continue until the EPA stops its over-regulatory rampage and until the president comes up with real policies that achieve energy independence The president plans to use the EPA to regulate the coal industry out of existence.  It really doesn’t matter that much who is sitting as administrator of EPA. It is the president who will be calling all of the shots in the administration.




10 Responses to “Sen. Manchin to vote against Obama EPA nominee”

  1. hebintn says:

    So why do we need Gina? We have an interim administrator. Can he not carry out policy and sign his name on important things.

  2. Dustin White says:

    To hebinth- actually, Mr. Perciasepe does not have all the authority of the EPA Administrator. I had the pleasure of meeting with him 2 months ago. He made this quite clear.

  3. mayflyguy says:

    So if Manchin’s beef is with the EPA and President, would any nominee get his vote? This seems pretty silly.

  4. Dustin White says:


    I just watched Manchin give a speech about coal following the confirmation of Gina McCarthy as head of the EPA. I just want to say that I was highly offended that he seemed to insinuate that the people of West Virginia were not smart enough to “realize whats in their best interest.” As an 11th generation native born West Virginian and son of a retired coal miner, I found his attitude offensive considering the numerous health studies that say coal practices are harmful and the fact that it is the coal industry trying to rob the benefits from retirees like my father who is too ill to leave his own home. I am not the only one who was offended by his attitude as well.

  5. Steve says:

    Really Dustin that your 11th generation is irrelevant. I really am puzzled when folks say I am this or that so therefore I’m right and have credibility. Doesn’t work unless you’re a doctor getting ready to open somebody up.

  6. Steve says:

    And don’t get me wrong Justin I’m not criticizing the substance of your pOst, again I find it funny people say I’m this or that when in many instances it doesn’t matter.

  7. Ken Ward Jr. says:


    Not for nothing, but it’s a common thing for industry folks — working miners or their spokespeople — to make quite a point of their own ancestry, and to suggest that it *does* matter — that if you aren’t from a long line of coal miners you can’t really discuss these issues.

    But really, please keep your comments to the *substance* of the post … let’s not make this a personal thing. Thanks.


  8. em2 says:

    Would have liked to seen how he voted if his vote actually meant something and the outcome had not already been decided.

  9. Dell Spade says:

    I believe Senator Manchin got his point across.

  10. Steve says:

    Veterans do the same thing ken. “Well I was in Vietnam so…. ” of course I’ve never heard a world war 2 vet do that. Must be cultural.

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