Coal Tattoo

‘One death in our mines is one death too many’

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin speaks Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012 during his state of the state address at the Capitol in Charleston, W.Va. (AP Photo/Jeff Gentner)

Here is what Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said in his State of the State speech to summarize his promised mine safety reform legislation:

Just as we must continue to mine coal, we must make certain that our miners are safe. We have created a new rock dusting laboratory. We have increased the number and the salaries for our mine inspectors. We are re-checking our rescue chambers to make sure that they are safe. And, we have diligently worked to determine the causes of the Upper Big Branch disaster to make sure a disaster like that never happens again!

To build on this progress, I will submit legislation designed to improve mine safety. This legislation will enhance rock dusting standards, protect whistleblowers, mandate methane sensors at long walls, and increase pre-shift reviews. We will prohibit mines from announcing that an inspector is coming, and we will provide more training for self-rescuers. We will also begin a year-long study on the training of our inspectors, our foreman, and our miners. Coal mining is a dangerous profession, but we can make it safer. One death in our mines is one death too many.

Finally, now is the time to make sure that our mines are drug free. Much like Virginia and Kentucky, we will implement our own drug-testing program. No workplace can tolerate a person impaired by drugs, particularly in our mines.