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Statement from the Massey Energy Board

Here’s a statement that was just issued on behalf of the Massey Energy Board of Directors:

“The Board of Directors at Massey Energy is committed to a thorough investigation of the explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine. We are firm believers in accountability and will ensure that Massey Energy works with state and federal agencies to discover the cause of this terrible tragedy.

Our deepest condolences are with each of the miner’s families. Massey Energy will continue communicating with the families and will do its best to address their needs.

We also want to extend our gratitude to the rescue workers, the Red Cross, clergy and other community members who have worked so hard and volunteered their time so selflessly. They have demonstrated remarkable effort and courage.

As we search for answers, we must remain committed to truth and facts. A rush to judgment before the investigation is completed will benefit no one. Only a thorough and complete investigation can provide the answers we seek. We are fully committed to such an investigation and will take any actions that the facts compel.”