Anti-mountaintop removal tree sitters still up there

August 26, 2009 by Ken Ward Jr.


Word from the folks at Climate Ground Zero is that the two tree sitters down in Raleigh County are still 80 feet up in a couple of tulip poplar trees, despite urging from the State Police that they come down.

We had a Gazette news story on this protest action this morning, and you can get more updates from Climate Ground Zero here.

4 Responses to “Anti-mountaintop removal tree sitters still up there”

  1. wvcitizen says:

    WOW…wish them much luck!

  2. eastwood78 says:

    Did you read the comment in the paper that Massey put out. They did not have any intention to do any blasting where these two people are in the trees. Oh yes, I believe every word that Massey puts out. Sure they intended to blast there. Good luck to the tree climbers, and hope that you can stay there for a while.

    I can safety say that when Mr. Blankenship wants you two to be taken out of the trees, that he will do so. He just doesn’t want this to go national and get attention any further than West Virginia. Let Governor Manchin come up there on his motorcycle and try to climb that 80 foot tree with his great Harley Davidson.

  3. Faith says:

    Yay for the tree sitters….what courageous folks they are! I’m so glad they are here standing up for our people and mountains. They are true heroes!!

  4. Prentergirl says:

    I”m grateful that someone young and able bodied has taken on this task of climbing and treesitting. Our state should get the message we don’t want all our water, air and land destroyed.

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