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BLOG: Where do the pundits have WVU going bowling?

Predicting bowl destinations is an inexact science. Mitch Vingle will be along later tonight on wvgazettemail.com and the Wednesday edition of the Gazette-Mail to try and clear some things up. Until then, we can take a look at where those who have been predicting bowls this year have the Mountaineers headed.

Kyle Bonagura (ESPN) — Liberty Bowl vs. Memphis

David Hale (ESPN) — Heart of Dallas Bowl vs. UTSA

Jerry Palm (CBS Sports) — Liberty vs. Missouri

Bill Bender (Sporting News) — Cactus vs. Utah

Erick Smith (USA Today) — Liberty vs. Missouri

Eric Single (Sports Illustrated) — Liberty vs. Missouri

Among the national folks, the prevailing notion is the Liberty Bowl against Mizzou in a rematch of the 1998 Insight.com Bowl, with a dash of Memphis thrown in there. Of special note: Understanding that this scenario likely would never, ever happen, the Heart of Dallas Bowl has a Conference USA tie-in. Mayhaps the Heart of Dallas/Friends of Coal Bowl?

(Ow! Why did you hit me so hard?)

If WVU does indeed head to the Liberty Bowl, it would be a pretty good deal for Mountaineer fans. If you’re headed to the game, there’s plenty to do in the days prior, with Beale Street, the Peabody Hotel, Sun City Studios and Graceland all around. Plus, a late flight that night or early flight the next morning gets you back home just in time for New Year’s Eve. For the fans who decide to watch from home, it’s an early Saturday game, so the whole family can watch without missing bedtimes, plus your New Year’s Eve plans won’t be altered in the least.

Now, if it’s the Cactus or the Heart of Dallas, get ready to spend Christmas in Texas or Arizona. And if it’s the Cactus, get ready for a late night. Kickoff for that game is 9 p.m. Eastern.

So what say you WVU fans? Are you cool with Memphis in the winter?