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BLOG: So you’re telling us there’s a chance …

Okay, so West Virginia’s chances at the Big 12 title game are a lot better than one in a million. But the Mountaineers will need plenty of help along the way.

WVU could use an Oklahoma State loss to either Kansas State or Kansas. TCU needs to lose to either Texas Tech or Baylor. Oklahoma needs to lose to Kansas.

Let’s be honest from the start: If any of those three teams lose to Kansas or Baylor, one might want to start checking the sky for four ugly guys riding horses. The apocalypse might be upon us. Yet crazy things have been known to happen. Take, for instance, the fact that TCU won’t have quarterback Kenny Hill for Saturday’s Texas Tech game, and the Red Raiders aren’t slouches. Neither is Kansas State, and the Cowboys might be caught napping.

Of course, none of that matters if the Mountaineers don’t handle their own business — beating both Texas this week and Oklahoma next week. The Longhorns, great at stopping the run, not so much at stopping the pass, will probably make WVU look one-dimensional this afternoon. But, man, will Texas hate that dimension. Will Grier is putting together one of the greatest season passing performances in Mountaineer history. If this turns into a track meet, can Texas keep up?

A lot of balls have to bounce WVU’s way the next two weeks, perhaps too many for everything to work out. But there’s a big enough crack in the doorway to keep fans interested down the home stretch. And at this point, that’s all anyone can ask for.