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Florida State’s been great for the opening weekend of the college season and will be for years to come. It started with playing at Pitt in 2013, which was a conference game and more about the Panthers joining the ACC than anything else, but Florida State was an attraction, too, and Jameis Winston did his part to make it memorable. Last season, the defending champions opened in Houston against Oklahoma State, the sort of thing the belt-holder doesn’t have to do. This season, the Seminoles play host to Texas State, but Week 2 is USF, which follows second weeks games in the past against BYU and Oklahoma.

They like to play big games early, and they’re aiming to keep that going. They play Ole Miss in Orlando to open next season and Alabama in Atlanta to kick off 2017 and then … West Virginia in 2018?

Fisher said the Seminoles are working on a similar game in 2018 and hopes they can reach an agreement with West Virginia, the school that is located 40 miles north of where Fisher grew up and one in which he followed as a kid.

“It’s the best preparation you have for going into a playoff game or a national championship or major bowl game,” Fisher said. “It’s a major game, the hype, that atmosphere and environment. And I think it’s good for college football.”

About that: Nope. The Mountaineers open that season against Tennessee in Charlotte and then, following an open week, have a game at North Carolina State. That week 2 game has to be a home game, unless WVU is going to play five Big 12 home games in addition to three road/neutral-site non-conference games. Mike, it’s Florida State. Move one of those games. Maybe, but the Tennessee game is through a promoter, which you better believe wouldn’t do business with WVU again, and it has a $250,000 buyout. The N.C. State series has a significantly larger buyout.