Wednesday Walkthrough: Towson

After a not-too-brief technological delay — I knew the video stuff was working too well — here’s your weekly primer on the weekend’s game.

8 Responses to “Wednesday Walkthrough: Towson”

  1. Down South says:

    I think the most interesting thing about Saturday’s game is going to be who comes in at quarterback when Trickett leaves the game. Millard is comparable to an older Mark Brunell at the end of his NFL career. Been in the system forever. Can do certain limited things when he is put in the game. And probably doesn’t need to get meaningless game reps to do what he does. Crest is the star rookie who is still learning the system. Needs all the game reps he can get. If Crest is your second best option at QB this season, then the redshirt comes off and he is the second man out on the field. If he isn’t ready yet and he doesn’t play, have to think he is looking at a redshirt. My first impression of Crest from watching him warm up Saturday was (1) his throwing motion is a little weird and (2) he is a much bigger guy than I thought he’d be.

  2. ffejbboc says:

    I don’t think you blow Crest’s redshirt year by bringing him in a blow out to hand off the ball to Garrison and Buie in a mop up situation.

  3. lowercase jeff says:

    i agree with backwards jeff, but still think down south is a solid citizen and family man.

  4. lowercase jeff says:

    yo. mike. the site is fixed. nice.



  5. smeer says:

    Crest’s throwing motion? I’ve been thinking he looks an awful lot like another Mountaineer great when he runs and throws – The Major

    Harris had an arm – and a windup.

  6. smeer says:

    and Crest is a little “side-armish” wondering what Dawson will do to get him elevated (should have been worked on in high school.) 6’2″ is big, but getting him throwing over the top is essential facing B12 lineman

    do not see him playing

    Trickett needs the reps. Millard needs some confidence.

    What Crest can do needs to be kept under wraps – don’t lay down your cards versus Towson for Maryland, et al to see AND hopefully not needed all year so we don’t burn his redshirt

    thinking this – Trickett is a coaches son with a high IQ and he bumbled his way through last year – especially with the all-important chemistry and improv with the receivers. two levels to DH’s O: 100 level – running plays to “grad level” – running the concepts (for lack of a better word)

  7. smeer says:

    and because I was interested in Crest’s full name (thoughts of Billy Dee)

    I (think) I discovered that Crest’s middle name is Vernon . . .

    so maybe not Billy Dee but Billy Vee? :)

  8. Rugger says:

    W.V. Crest works.