“The Roll is over.”

I spent some time with the Smoking Musket lads for a podcast last week — actually, quite a bit of time because it was a two-parter — and in part explained what I’ve explained before: “Crazier things have happened than West Virginia going into a neutral field and beating Alabama.”

I’m not smart or dumb enough to say that’ll happen. The Mountaineers certainly have their work cut out for them. This isn’t going to be easy and might not be pretty. That said, weird things happen in the opening weekend of the season. Every year. Everywhere. Teams have all summer to prepare, and players this year had eight weeks to work with their coaches. You’d much rather catch Alabama in the first week of the season than the tenth. Or fourth. Or second.

Then again, maybe Alabama ain’t Alabama, Paul. Someone over at TSM (with far more humble blog writing roots) did his research, unearthed compelling content and tied it to a point, one that might get you excited nine days before kickoff.

 But now, as we see the mammoth reeling from a two-game losing streak, we see a creature whose  vulnerability hasn’t been so evident (or really even present) since its last two-game losing streak over five years ago.

But finally we can say those three beautiful words: It’s over, Bama.

24 Responses to ““The Roll is over.””

  1. tls62pa says:

    App. State>#5 Michigan (home)

    And I think we found that Michigan wasn’t that great of a team that season but obviously had hype as a preseason #5. Not saying Alabama isn’t good, but we could be setting the stage.

  2. Philip says:

    may never have to chance to write this again: but pawwwwwl!

  3. Spatial Angel says:

    The water supplies in certain areas have been contaminated with The Kool Aid. Why isn’t anyone writing about this?

  4. The Artist Formerly Known as EER96 says:

    I’ll take WVU and the points if you don’t mind…WVU will not lose by 27 points.

  5. Oklahoma Mountaineer says:

    Couple of things to consider — Alabama is not coached by Lloyd Carr; they will be ready to play us. That said, I think we have a puncher’s chance……

    1. Experienced QB with receivers he now knows in a system that he is comfortable in.
    2. Returning a large number of defensive players from a squad that wasn’t that good, but I lay that largely on depth and injuries.
    3. They can say what they want, but tell me Alabama is focused on playing WVU in the first game…..I’d lay odds a good chunk of them are on to game 4 against Florida based on the hype being poured on them.
    4. I don’t care how many stars are beside their name — a first game QB in that dome is not a good option…..and that’s the hand they have to play.
    5. This offense lives and dies with the ball in the air and that is something they aren’t real good at defending……

    I’m with the Artist — take WVU and the points.

  6. Rugger says:

    We do tend to do well when disrespected by the unenlightened and we are being disrespected by tree poisoners and tea bagees alike.

    I’ll take WVU and the points for $200, Alex.

  7. Down South says:

    Forget the points. Put that $200 on the money line and hope for the lightning strike. That $200 could earn you over $3,000. That’s what I’m going to do. Just in case.

  8. avb31 says:

    I don’t know if I’d take the points. I think back to the LSU game in 2011…. I think most look back at that game and think that we proved we could compete at that level, and while that might be true we still lost that game by 26 points.

    This game could be similar. We could come out of feeling good about the team and still lose decisively.

  9. Rugger says:

    avb, you should put the house on Bama.

    I’m taking your advice, DS.

  10. ccteam says:

    Roll might be over but they don’t have to be the Tide of the last 5 years to take the measure of a team that is at best a .500 or there about potential.

  11. NotFooled says:

    This is why they PLAY the games.

  12. Marty Funkhouser says:

    When does Scoop n Score return, Mike?

  13. TheVLC says:

    Having just watched DougityDog’s Undaunted video, I have to go with #ShockTheWorld for the next 9 days.

    On a side note, if this is a mock game week does that mean we can do a mock TFGD on Saturday???

  14. smeer says:

    the ball bounces funny

    turnovers will be an essential part of the plot line – positive, negative or zero sum

    there will be first game wrinkles that both teams will have to adjust for. They have Lane Kiffin for better or worse and a new QB and HCDH will have some wrinkles that he thinks will work against that D.

    all things being equal, we could keep it close for a half them run out of gas in the second (our small three on the D line has to be a concern – they could pound and pound then play action)

    so I still would take the points – even if we run out of gas, not sure they could pull away by four TDs in the second unless we get bit by TOs or this team is not as mentally strong as we think it is and just rolls over and sucks its collective thumbs while crying “mama.”

    I do not think we will sneak up on them. two game losing streak and all. but I think we can keep it close in the first half because as often said – it’s the first freaking game of the season and neither team will be humming on mid-year cylinders.

    and if we can somehow answer their fury in the third quarter – well, have the ambulance ready for me in the fourth cause I’m gonna pull a Fred Sanford.

  15. JPWVURFL says:

    That was an excellent podcast, Mike.

  16. lowercase jeff says:

    5 days
    2100 miles
    30 driving hours
    3 national forests
    1 knoxville bbq joint
    1 georgia dome
    1 victory

    wvu 38
    bama 21

  17. SheikYbuti says:

    TheVLC says:
    August 21, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    On a side note, if this is a mock game week does that mean we can do a mock TFGD on Saturday???

    This is the most awesome idea I’ve heard all summer. I am IN. I hope all of you participate and look forward to Mike’s recap on Monday! #MTFGD

  18. Shoot4show says:

    I’m not a contrarian or “glass half empty” guy — there is some Koolaid in my cup — but my money is staying in my wallet. All it took to convince me was the thought of one hard hit on our strapping starter at QB and visions of Millard or Crest facing the ‘bama D.

  19. smeer says:

    yeah all bets are off on the game AND season and if Tricket gets crumpled up like a wad of paper

    we can only hope the Oline plays like Mike has witnessed (or is our pass rush that bad?) OR Tricket has learned to get rid of the ball

  20. I’m convinced that WVU won’t lose by 27.

    I’m also convinced that WVU won’t win this game.

  21. overtheSEC says:


    Which Knoxville barbecue joint? Dead End would be this Knoxvillian’s reco

  22. Brandon says:

    Dead End is good stuff. I’m no Knoxvillian but have been there a few times.

    My humble blog writing roots greatly appreciate the shout-out on my Musket post. I was very intentional to stay away from the prediction that WVU would pull the stunner, but I also find that I’m talking myself into it more and more as we get closer to game day. The Kool Aid is wonderful and I highly recommend it. I just can’t decide if I’m ready to go all in on Trickett. If he can effectively get the ball to what seems like it could be a surprisingly good receiving corps and if Kevin White is really ready to eat nails and crap thunder like everyone keeps saying who knows. I really think it’s not going to come down to big plays or turnovers, but our offense’s simple ability to hold and move the ball – the best D against Bama is a solid O. Just allow the WVU D to stay rested, keep things competitive and force Bama to make a play at the end.

    I mean, after last year we’ve got to be due to finish a close game, right?

  23. lowercase jeff says:

    scotty – Sweet P’s Barbecue and Soul House. thoughts?

  24. overtheSEC says:

    Dead End, Sweet P’s. Both solid.