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“The Roll is over.”

I spent some time with the Smoking Musket lads for a podcast last week — actually, quite a bit of time because it was a two-parter — and in part explained what I’ve explained before: “Crazier things have happened than West Virginia going into a neutral field and beating Alabama.”

I’m not smart or dumb enough to say that’ll happen. The Mountaineers certainly have their work cut out for them. This isn’t going to be easy and might not be pretty. That said, weird things happen in the opening weekend of the season. Every year. Everywhere. Teams have all summer to prepare, and players this year had eight weeks to work with their coaches. You’d much rather catch Alabama in the first week of the season than the tenth. Or fourth. Or second.

Then again, maybe Alabama ain’t Alabama, Paul. Someone over at TSM (with far more humble blog writing roots) did his research, unearthed compelling content and tied it to a point, one that might get you excited nine days before kickoff.

 But now, as we see the mammoth reeling from a two-game losing streak, we see a creature whose  vulnerability hasn’t been so evident (or really even present) since its last two-game losing streak over five years ago.

But finally we can say those three beautiful words: It’s over, Bama.