And Angus makes 85

In the past, WVU has tried to keep this under wraps, especially right around signing day when the scholarship count can be made out to be mythology and thus used against schools. Quite unexpectedly last week, Dana Holgorsen updated us on where things stand … and that was a sign that Mountaineers were expecting to do something somewhat seismic.

Mike Calicchio (requisite mention) was Scholarship No. 83. Jaylon Myers arrived Sunday, was in class Monday and practiced Tuesday (“Jaylon can run,” I was told.) and today West Virginia’s football program reached a landmark.

That’s big. It’s Dontae Angus-big. Try as they might, the Mountaineers couldn’t get to that number in Dana’s first three seasons, and for some of the seasons before that. You don’t need to be at 85, but if you want depth and quality spring and camp football, you ought to be darn close. WVU was in the high 60s at times in the past and gradually moved toward the max before finally hitting it today.

I feel like this deserves some attention. Plus, the senior class isn’t a full class — though it will leave some holes because of the recent transfer influx — and the 2015 recruiting class gets really nice reviews.

As for Angus, who flipped from Florida to the Mountaineers on signing day — as the story goes, he committed to the Gators without visiting, and then never did visit afterward — he told me he’ll be on campus tomorrow. He said he learned today he’s eligible, enrolled and allowed to practice. “Everything, man,” he said with a booming voice.

Angus is 6-foot-7. He weighed himself a few weeks ago and saw he’s lost 20 pounds to dip down to 309. He’s under the impression he’ll begin as a defensive lineman, but he’s open to anything and he’s aware that things can change because he’s arriving late and after other plans have been executed to shore up one line or the other.

6 Responses to “And Angus makes 85”

  1. ffejbboc says:

    Been rooting for this kid ever since I watched the documentary about his high school football team in Philly.

  2. NotFooled says:

    When was the last time WVU had 85 scholarship players? Had to be before the sanctions imposed due to RR practice infractions that were then continued by the Stew Crew…

  3. Oklahoma Mountaineer says:

    I know a big deal was made about every member of last year’s class making it to school….. I recognize defections have happened, but they all made it — never happened in my memory.

    Does the fact that this last year’s class had a few that didn’t make it, left already, etc. mean that they took more guys with problems but bigger upside as they could “afford” a miss or two??

    Big problem that has yet to be addressed are on the lines — this guy getting in helps, but they had 2 others who didn’t……..anyone worried about this besides me??

  4. Josh24601 says:

    Almost regardless of 2014 record, in my view, Holgo should just about get another year for reconstructing a full roster after Stew’s odd decision to only sign 18 guys a year on purpose.

  5. JC says:

    After 4 years of solid recruiting, it’s nice to have positional battles that are tough to decide because the players are that good and not having to pick between the lesser of two evils…..