WVU gets a big boost

I’m on vacation, but the bat signal beckons. I’m told Jaylon Myers will be in class today at West Virginia University. We vlogged about this last week, and it still seems like a real surprise, remembering I was someone saying we’d probably never see him in a WVU uniform. Surprise or no, this is a big deal, for myriad reasons. There are a lot of people who believe he was WVU’s top signee.

He had a great summer in the classroom and went from being someone who wasn’t really in the thought process to someone who the Mountaineers were crossing their fingers over in the last week or so. And simply put, the junior college All-American can help. Right away? Probably not .. but then again, he can go. I’m not sure he couldn’t handle a few plays and jump on a special teams unit and then grow from there. There was talk before he could be a safety or a corner, and WVU wouldn’t say no to either option. But if there’s a spot for a guy who comes in on the first day of class, it’s cornerback, where a coach can say, “Hey, cover that guy.”

More importantly, Worley/Myers is a nice look for 2015.

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  1. Down South says:

    Speaking of corners, is this Ickey Banks thing a thing? Is he not out there because of an injury or did he do something to land himself in disciplinary hot water? One thing two years in the Big XII has taught me, you can never have too many guys that can cover.

  2. JC says:

    Great to see the bat signal still works….good on ya, Mike!

  3. smeer says:

    Mr Myers supplants Mr Crest as punt and kickoff returner. Mr Crest was placeholder for Mr Myers’ arrival.

  4. Dann White says:

    Thanks Caz for the bulletin.
    If highly-touted recruits/transfers always turned out well, we would have every reason to be very excited two weeks before the season begins, and perhaps we really do. It has been almost like every wish comes true in Mountaineer recruiting through the past 10 months or so, both prep and JC, and that certainly has to be a good sign. The problem is that, with a great deal of our opponents, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, and even Baylor, things have been coming up roses for years on end. All of these teams have dibs on the dearth of talent that is Texas – save Alabama who if I’m not mistaken has a number of favorite sons each year who play in the upper ranks of division one.
    I’m hopeful, I have managed to crank up a bit of enthusiasm, mainly because as our first Big 12 season proved; Dana’s offensive prowess has the ability to steal you a win – or three- or five. Good defense might get you a few more.
    Anyway, it seems like it keeps breaking our way! Now if we catch a break or a bounce or the on the field, we’re on our way.

  5. Dann White says:

    corr: bounce or three on the field

  6. DanInNJ says:

    Thanks for the update, Mike. Great news.

    The play that starts at :24 on the highlight video – talk about a vertical leap.

  7. BobbyHeenan says:

    re: Ickey Banks – WV MetroNews is reporting it appears he has academic issues and may not be eligible.

    Myers will help with CB depth. Thank goodness Bell is eligible too. I think we’ll be fine by mid-year, but could be a bumpy ride at CB for a few games until Bell, Myers, and Chestnut show they can hang.

    I’m a natural pessimist, but assuming our (arguably) two best recruits – Myers and Dravon Henry) can play…like Mike mentioned you’ve got to like the look of a Myers, Worley, Joseph, Henry secondary. That’s potentially four pro’s back there. Lot’s of “potentially” and “assuming” there…but it’s at least plausible.

  8. Kevin says:

    Some reports are saying Banks has been absent due to academic issues. Hope that isn’t true.

  9. BobbyHeenan says:

    Also…after watching his highlight reel the kid (Myers) can obviously go and has better ball skills than what I’ve seen from any of our secondary and most of our receivers.

    However, he’s almost exclusively playing free safety – so there’s a big time learning curve and footwork change to deal with if we’re going to play him at CB.

  10. Kevin says:

    Sorry. Bobby’s post wasn’t there when I posted.

  11. smeer says:

    agree BobbyH – he was mostly playing centerfield and when he was tasked with coverage – he wasn’t blanketing but recovering and breaking on the ball – traits of a safety

    his speed let him catch up to lesser talent – picture how that would work against Baylor and . . . he’s not our savior (yet)

  12. Down South says:

    Losing a fifth-year senior CB while picking up a JUCO who hasn’t been able to practice (and it’s 12 days until the first game). I’d say that is a net negative for the defensive backfield.

  13. SheikYbuti says:

    Yeah, but isn’t the question whether not picking up the JUCO would have been a bigger net negative?

  14. Mike Casazza says:

    Let’s slow up on the Banks thing. Might be permanent, temporary…but it’s a Thing. Happens this time of the year.

  15. JC says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that CB would be a difficult position to bring in. JUCO. Schemes, game speed, covering better receivers…..and only 2 years to get it right. And just saying “hey go cover that guy” definitely doesn’t add up in the Big 12. Did we need depth there enough to go the JUCO route at this position?

  16. Josh24601 says:

    No YOU’RE over here stress-eating Reese’s Pieces!