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WVU gets a big boost

I’m on vacation, but the bat signal beckons. I’m told Jaylon Myers will be in class today at West Virginia University. We vlogged about this last week, and it still seems like a real surprise, remembering I was someone saying we’d probably never see him in a WVU uniform. Surprise or no, this is a big deal, for myriad reasons. There are a lot of people who believe he was WVU’s top signee.

He had a great summer in the classroom and went from being someone who wasn’t really in the thought process to someone who the Mountaineers were crossing their fingers over in the last week or so. And simply put, the junior college All-American can help. Right away? Probably not .. but then again, he can go. I’m not sure he couldn’t handle a few plays and jump on a special teams unit and then grow from there. There was talk before he could be a safety or a corner, and WVU wouldn’t say no to either option. But if there’s a spot for a guy who comes in on the first day of class, it’s cornerback, where a coach can say, “Hey, cover that guy.”

More importantly, Worley/Myers is a nice look for 2015.