This whole thing is so dumb Dana Holgorsen decided to, or more likely was made to, clarify the remark he made Monday about how lying is part of recruiting.

“At my press conference on Monday, I was speaking with a group of our beat reporters, and the subject of the NCAA legislation concerning unlimited meals and its impact on recruiting was brought up. In a lighthearted moment, I made a comment in jest that was meant to imply that the unlimited meals will be an important selling point with recruits and that all coaches will have to be salesmen on this matter. I further implied that the best way for recruits to understand what really is occurring on a campus is by having them talk to the current student-athletes. I used a poor choice of words in explaining this position.”

I’m not outraged by this, because I think it’s insane and it shouldn’t occupy my time, but I’m shocked it happened. No way he walked out of there Monday and thought, “I just stepped in it.” But then it happened. The reaction across the web was narrow in its focus — let’s be honest, too, and say it was a bigger deal because Dana said it — and performed mostly without context of the conversation and the content of the question. Those things kind of matter. That this clarification happened two days later ought not merely whisper to you, either. It’s the worst part because this had already gone away and been replaced by the next line of things that get displayed in that sect of short attention span theater that is digital journalism. Twitter has a short memory when it comes to stuff like that because people look for and find and feast on the next thing, be it big or little. Now it’s back in the cycle and, just you watch, people will make a meal out of the content of Dana’s clarification statement, which is high comedy considering such common sense at the outset could have prevented this in the first place. Actually, here’s the worst part: The Dana Holgorsen we’ve had fun with and laughed with and so enjoyed during camp will zip it up now while the people who poked at a mole hill won’t have to deal with that repercussion. Thanks a lot, gang.

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  1. smeer says:

    hopefully he won’t put on a straight-jacket. guess it depends on what comes out of this “clarification.” the guy is just so dang laid back. when was the last flip-flops (sandals not verbage) sighting?

  2. Thanks to dolts like Chris Goodbread, this became a thing.

    The fact that he published the article on makes it all the more asinine.

  3. DaveK says:

    I was watching Bevis and Butthead once, and Bevis while hooked to a lie detector said… I killed a bunch of people once! Now anyone can say DaveK said I killed a bunch of people once. Modern idiots feast on snippits of words, and refuse to see context of those snippits. He said it!!! is all that matters.

  4. netbros says:

    To those who felt the need to have Holgorsen walk back his comments, there are too many f***ed up things in the world to worry about whether football coaches lie to recruits. Spend your outrage somewhere it really matters.

  5. Dann White says:

    Dann White says:
    August 12, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    Sorry, had to leave for a moment.

    I know I’m not the only one seeing the relentless ridicule that sports bloggers/writers have heaped upon HCDH for this thoughtless remark. Even if he feels that his comments are true, there is nothing to be gained from being the guy that first admitted to it. You know the old saying:
    “I’ve driven a thousand nails and no one ever called me a carpenter, I ____ one_____, and everyone calls me a ______.” (you fill in the blanks according to your local tradition)
    Even if HCDH somehow out-coaches Nick Saban, and the Mountaineers beat the Tide, Holgorsen will be known, for a while anyway, as that liar from West Virginia, not a coach.
    I guess if there’s too few wins this season, it won’t matter anyway. Huh?

    Well the furor I thought was coming has arrived, and HCDH is thoroughly embarrassed. Sadly, I thought he was well on the way to redeeming himself (to the extent he can without a winning effort from his players) and finding a way to fit into the West Virginia scheme of things.
    Its sad to watch these feeding frenzies where the so-called and self-styled reporters on the internet circle and take bites off of victims whose shoes they shouldn’t even shine, much less offer their opinions on the kind of job they’re doing. Unfortunately though, those are the times in which we live.
    I’m glad we have a place to go with our thoughts and repartee where those kind of hatchet jobs are not happening.

  6. I love you, Doug! says:

    I’m taking the minority position here and saying Holgorsen needs to be accountable for all his words said publicly and everything he says in front of any reporters — beat or others parachuting in for one story — or in front of boosters or at football camps with kids on Twitter. It’s all on the record. He can’t even claim this was taken out of context: “You lie a lot” is fine in the coaches’ meeting but reporters are not — and should not be — your friends. Too often, reporters suffer from institutional capture and let stuff slide — or accept stonewalling or don’t ask questions or report questionable comments — then public figures see that, and push a little farther, and then get more slack from the local press and then you get Penn State. I’m not comparing this to that in scale or severity; I’m just glad it was reported. Learning the public part of being a big time college football coach is hard. Dana will learn from this. You can still be funny and accessible and not make cheating jokes.

  7. smeer says:

    ILYD – I’ll take the opposite just for the sake of debate – he’s tired. he’s made to do another presser because of our insatiable hunger to hear anything related to the status of our team. he meant to say that in recruiting everyone over sells, everyone over promises – he’s lazy with words “everybody lies” and then admits the truth will come out via the players – actually quite a noble statement – we encourage our recruits to ask our players anything.

    the media wolves have chewed him up because they eschewed context and that is what sucks. soundbites rule and we live in an insanely idiotic time because the truth isn’t important. selling newspapers and blog hits are. (which is why Tier 4 is great because it gets hits by building a gracious and truth-seeking clientele)

    it’s a slow sports time of year and there’s enough other crap in our world getting all the press so the sports leaches manufactured a story

    that’s okay – just one more way to motivate a team – us against the world has served us well in the past . . .

  8. I love what Holgorsen said and am glad he’s willing to be open and candid with reporters. It’s refreshing and it beats the canned responses we often hear from coaches and those in collegiate athletics.

    That someone made a meal of this is f***ing pathetic.

  9. Anxiouseer97 says:

    I’m actually put off that he issued a clarification. He doesn’t trust media. This won’t help.

  10. Mack says:

    Most web sites now simply hope to have a catchy headline that will cause people to click on it. “Dana Holgorsen admits he lies to recruits” makes for a pretty catchy link. After that, the story is irrelevant.

  11. ffejbboc says:

    Anxious, I’m fairly confident that the higher ups “encouraged” him to issue a clarification. Not Holgorsen.

    I admire his honesty and wish he didn’t have to apologize, but unfortuantely we live in a politically correct, TMZ-heightened world.

    The line between “news” and “entertainment” gets fuzzier every day.

  12. chocolate covered bacon says:

    I’m reminded of an Eddie Murphy quote about Bill Cosby when Cosby was outspoken against Murphy’s use of language, (Holgorsen being Murphy and Cosby being pundits), “Tell Bill to have a coke and a smile and shut the f— up!”

  13. JC says:

    Just another example of the national media machine creating a story rather than reporting it. I loathe that type of “journalism.” Now our fearless leader will get boring PC answers rather than truthful and meaningful answers to questions posed…..

  14. Spatial Angel says:

    Kidding…not kidding…doesn’t matter. Holgorsen should know better. He is a knucklehead.

  15. JPWVURFL says:

    Again, like Bowlsby, didn’t Holgorsen speak the truth? Bowlsby didn’t backtrack, I don’t know why Dana would feel the need to do so. It also goes along with Trickett’s remarks. You know, people say stupid stuff and just simple stuff all the time. It’s not an issue until some faceless jackass makes an issue out of it. Mountains out of mole hills. I’d rather the coach be focused on making mountains out of men (thank you Bill Stewart).

  16. Down South says:

    This whole kerfluffle about “lies” to recruits reminded me of the first time I met HCDH. He was at a meet-and-greet with some other coaches in my part of the state shortly after he had been hired. I was on my way home from trying a criminal case in another county when my law partner called and said I should stop by. When I came into the restaurant, there were several people there along with the coaches. My law partner and a good friend were on one side of the room talking with Robert Gillespie. I remembered Gillespie well from his time at Florida and thought it was pretty neat to meet him. As the four of us talked, Gillespie wants to know all about the case I had tried that day. Long story short, guy and girlfriend get into a pretty bad fight. Girlfriend winds up with two black eyes. Police and EMT’s show up. Girlfriend says eyes got blacked by guy. Guy says girlfriend has mental health issues and injured herself when he tried to leave her, then blaming it on him. Girlfriend made statements at the scene suggesting she was suicidal. Guy gets charged with domestic assault, goes to trial and is found not guilty. As I finish telling the story, Gillespie says “So you got the guy off by convincing the jury that she blacked her own eyes.” There was a little more to it than that, but that’s kind of how it was presented. Gillespie says “Man, nobody can tell a lie like a lawyer.” At that point, we had a debate about the fact that, with the possible exception of car salesmen, nobody lies more than football coaches. I explain to Gillespie that they lie on injury reports, they lie in recruiting, they lie to players to motivate them and, most of all, they lie about what they think of their next opponent. Not that I think it’s a bad thing. It just isn’t always their job to be honest. As we are having this conversation, HCDH walks up and asks about what we are discussing. We tell him about our conversation and I give him my position on the honesty of football coaches. He looks at us and says “That reminds me, I was on a radio interview with a Pittsburgh station yesterday. The host was asking me questions, and you could tell he was trying to stir up a little bit of the rivalry with Pitt. I just told him ‘I have nothing but respect for Coach Graham and his program.'”

  17. Rugger says:

    Good stuff, Down South. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Mack says:

    I like Holgorsen as a coach because I like the ballsy unconventional philosophy. I also think he has a grasp of the way the games are going when they’re in the middle of the game and coaches accordingly. If people don’t like it, I have no problem with that because it’s not for everyone.

    As a guy, I like Holgorsen even more. He is what I’d like to think I’d be if I was a coach. That is: hard worker and knowledgeable of the game but also a manager of people and a guy who seems to enjoy himself and be a regular guy while out in public.

  19. SheikYbuti says:

    Wow. What are the odds a girl would blacken her own eyes like that?

  20. MacTonight says:

    Let the man alone. He is a human being for Pete’s sake. Some of you judgemental cowards…yes Cowards…expect everybody except yourselves to be the politically correct robots that you couldn’t be even if you tried.

    Personalities make life interesting. Holgs is no Don Nehlan…neither was Bill Stewart for that matter…and Here’s the other side of it…Don Nehlan was no Dana Holgerson by any means… Straight up the middle doesn’t win games in this day and age…Even Rich Rods system doesn’t win many games any more. Dana is cutting edge like Leach and Sumlin…We should feel lucky.

    WVU has been very lucky in that we have had a string of outstanding coaches since 1980…that’s thirty five years.

  21. CornHole Harry says:

    The media is not you friend. The media is not your friend. The media is not your friend. The media is not your friend. The media is not your friend. The media is not your friend.

    The media is not your pal. The media is not you buddy.

    The media is a means to to attract money through advertisers. Period.

    The more hits you get, the money you make. And money is what keeps food on the table for reporters, even for those in public broadcasting.

    Did I mention that the media is not your friend?