The Sock 'Em, Bust 'Em Board Because that's our custom

This whole thing is so dumb Dana Holgorsen decided to, or more likely was made to, clarify the remark he made Monday about how lying is part of recruiting.

“At my press conference on Monday, I was speaking with a group of our beat reporters, and the subject of the NCAA legislation concerning unlimited meals and its impact on recruiting was brought up. In a lighthearted moment, I made a comment in jest that was meant to imply that the unlimited meals will be an important selling point with recruits and that all coaches will have to be salesmen on this matter. I further implied that the best way for recruits to understand what really is occurring on a campus is by having them talk to the current student-athletes. I used a poor choice of words in explaining this position.”

I’m not outraged by this, because I think it’s insane and it shouldn’t occupy my time, but I’m shocked it happened. No way he walked out of there Monday and thought, “I just stepped in it.” But then it happened. The reaction across the web was narrow in its focus — let’s be honest, too, and say it was a bigger deal because Dana said it — and performed mostly without context of the conversation and the content of the question. Those things kind of matter. That this clarification happened two days later ought not merely whisper to you, either. It’s the worst part because this had already gone away and been replaced by the next line of things that get displayed in that sect of short attention span theater that is digital journalism. Twitter has a short memory when it comes to stuff like that because people look for and find and feast on the next thing, be it big or little. Now it’s back in the cycle and, just you watch, people will make a meal out of the content of Dana’s clarification statement, which is high comedy considering such common sense at the outset could have prevented this in the first place. Actually, here’s the worst part: The Dana Holgorsen we’ve had fun with and laughed with and so enjoyed during camp will zip it up now while the people who poked at a mole hill won’t have to deal with that repercussion. Thanks a lot, gang.