The rapscallion Shannon Dawson

Shannon Dawson blindsides Paul Millard but reminds the quarterback that though the drill may stop, the focus on ball security can never end.

You might think this is nothing, but remember, Millard fumbled seven times, lost four fumbles and threw six interceptions in seven games — that’s two starts and parts of five others — last season.

4 Responses to “The rapscallion Shannon Dawson”

  1. I love you, Doug! says:

    This confirms that Dawson was That Guy in high school.

  2. Josh24601 says:

    Does anyone else wonder whether Dawson would like to go back to the post-Orange Bowl offseason and take one of the head coach or up-ladder offensive coordinator jobs he was offered?

  3. anxiouseer97 says:

    Dawson gave half hearted effort – and still caused a fumble.

  4. TheVLC says:

    I was too busy laughing at somebody (maybe Jed Drenning??) saying, “Look at you. You are Tony Stark.”