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Everyone seems to like Lamar

I want to point out first that this was right after Kevin White had his way with Karl Joseph. That’s a tough act to follow because the sideline is buzzing and you’re more or less expected to not only win, but raise the bar. Everyone on your side is having fun and you don’t want to be the one who ends the party. But standing across from you is a guy with a lot of people in blue pleading with him to get one for his side.

Feel free to add a degree of difficulty for a guy like Lamar Parker, too.

He is a freshman. He’s listed at 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds. He’s going up against Daejuan Funderburk, who is 6-1 and 180 pounds. He, too, is a freshman, but he’s known to be a big hitter and he should be able to find and secure a leverage advantage here.

But Parker isn’t having it, and his teammates love it. That was a big moment.

We’ve seen but 60 minutes of 12 hours of practice so far, so far be it from me or from us to draw conclusions. But when the head coach says he was impressed on the first day, when the guys in white continue to pat Parker on the head and tell him things like, “Keep it up,” which is different than “Keep your head up,” you get the idea Parker has so far impressed.

The Mountaineers are searching for slot receivers behind Daikiel Shorts and Jordan Thompson and Parker, a big-time high school talent with a winning pedigree, is in line.

Parker isn’t allowed to talk to the media this season because he’s a freshman, but his peers have plenty to say about him already.

“I think he has great potential,” Thompson said. “He’s very talented. He’s fast — very fast — and he can catch the ball, too. But what really stands out to me for him is he’s winning to learn. He’s always asking questions. Daikiel and I being older, he’s not afraid to ask us a question, like, ‘Hey, on this route, should I run this way? What do I have to do on this play?’

“As a person talking to him, yeah, he’s kind of shy and reserved, but when it comes to football, he’s willing to learn and ask questions and try to get better. That’s what really stands out to me. Most freshmen are kind of timid and don’t want to ask questions. He asks questions because he wants to get it right.”