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Back in action, ideally not on his back

Trickett-Millard-Howard-Crest. That was your drill order Thursday, and if you’re wondering, Dana Holgorsen pretty much pulled the plug on the Logan Moore Experiment later in the day.

He does everything for us. He’s got a role on this team. He’s an extra arm, he’s an emergency quarterback, he’s an inside receiver, and he’s a special teams player. He’s a guy who’s just a role player, and we’re glad he’s here.

I don’t believe any of that is a surprise, and we have to believe it’s long been a goal to have clear order at that position during this camp. That’s why Trickett was named the starter more than five weeks ago.

And now that the Mountaineers have their guy at the top of the depth chart, the top priority is to maintain that order. And that’s not easy because we also know Trickett is slight and the hits accumulate. That’s something the coaches circled back in April and that’s something Dana told me in June that WVU knows “isn’t going to change.”

So the Mountaineers won’t worry about the problem. They’ll worry about the solution, which is teaching Trickett self-preservation during hands-off camp.

“We’ll study the film for (Thursday), even with it being no-contact, so he can understand, ‘I didn’t trigger the ball here. I would have gotten hit. I worked out of the pocket here and tried to get away from the guy and didn’t throw it when he got within arm’s reach of me,’ ” Holgorsen said. “He’s got to work on it through all the reps. Even though we won’t touch him this camp, we will be able to say, ‘Look, man, you should have done this and not done that.’ ”

There’s no open portion of practice today or Holgorsen press conference. There are only five of each in camp and they’re on the same day — yesterday and Aug. 4, 7, 11 and 14. The player interviews were uneventful today, and I still can’t figure out the Original Recipe for who we are and are not allowed to talk to. One day, I suppose.

Nothing and no one was terribly exciting. Trickett said he’s healthy and he’s learned his Twitter lesson, and people will somehow write stories on both. He also talked about the topic we devoted this space to here and said he needs to be careful about being safe for the good of the team and, yeah, it wasn’t terribly exciting. Tomorrow: Assistant coaches!