Uhoh, it’s back!

Allow me to set your table today with a Tier 4 production. I’ll be back with more WVU and football stuff later, but I need to add this because I’ve only confirmed it after uploading the vlog:

No sign (yet) of Dontae Angus, Jacob McCrary, Jaylon Myers and Justin Scott. Dana Holgorsen will get into this with his 7:30 press conference this evening, but those four face odds right now.

And in addition to some additions we’ve previously discovered and discussed — Cullen Christian, Shaq Riddick, Demitrious and Chris Davis — get to know Darian Bryant. The Vanderbilt graduate walked after just three years and will be with WVU today. Formerly a defensive end, he’ll start out with the Mountaineers as that TE/FB type. Bryant will walk on and be immediately eligible with two seasons of eligibility remaining.

5 Responses to “Uhoh, it’s back!”

  1. Sammy says:

    Who is Jonathan Scott? Justin Scott (OL)?

  2. Sammy says:

    If you start deleting these guys, plus those who have already left, it’s a pretty small recruiting class, only like 16-17 guys. I guess there’ve been a bunch of these random additions (Riddick, the Pitt DB, this Vanderbilt fullback, etc). I will assume that a couple of these guys won’t make it to next year, which could mean that the 2014 class was only like 12 deep.

  3. I love you, Doug! says:


  4. I love you, Doug! says:

    What would the line be on the opener if this year’s Alabama team played the WVU team that opened the 2007 season?

  5. SheikYbuti says:

    In Atlanta? Alabama minus 2.5.