(Update!) Thoughts from Day One

In honor of Dana Holgorsen’s passing offense, I taped this with a slant. My bad if you don’t like it. And I forgot to mention one player who was at practice: Previously suspended defensive back Travis Bell.

(Nighttime update: Jacky Marcellus is out for the season with a knee injury, so he won’t be the guy I referenced as a possible inside receiver. Dana said K.J. Myers made the move inside, so I’d guess Gibson, who I used hypothetically, is a keeper outside. That’s not bad news.

There were only a few other injuries and the biggest is K.J. Dillon. He rolled an ankle during his break and will be out about a week. We knew Jared Barber would be slow to recover, and Dana said he’s about a month away as he rehabs a torn ACL, but that’s probably not abnormal since he got hurt in the Texas game.

Also, Walter Rauterkus left the team after a short time on campus.

Now, for the first-year players. These things are touchy every season, which is why I was so impressed and, frankly, excited about avoiding the drama last season. Anyhow, it’s difficult to get a straight answer on the first day and different people hear different things and then we ask people different things and get different answers. It’s ripe for misinformation.

I tweeted earlier that I was told Jacob McCrary was good to go. The same person later told me that was premature, and that was after Dana’s press conference, where he mentioned Dontae Angus and Jaylon Myers and said they were not yet cleared. He didn’t mention McCrary, who is on the roster, so it was probably safe to assume he was good to go.

But I’m going to say that’s not correct as of now, and Dana probably forgot about it, or wasn’t asked about it, and just didn’t mention the kid. He also left Justin Scott out of the conversation, likely for the same forgetfulness. I doubt he’s worried much about guys who aren’t here.

So, officially, none of those four guys are good to go, but we can assume, albeit dangerously, that McCrary is the best “bet” among those four since he’s on the roster and some thought had to go into that. I doubt Myers makes it. You might see one or two of the four make it. And remember, Darrien Howard went deep into camp last year before he was approved.

Hopefully that clears up the confusion and makes up for the time I left you in the lurch. I wanted to get a vlog to you fast and because I wouldn’t have time after Dana’s presser. Newspaper deadlines aren’t fun for readers, either.)

13 Responses to “(Update!) Thoughts from Day One”

  1. Mr M says:

    And we’re back! Do we have a new “player” in Evan Williams on Tier 4 this season? More bang for the buck with him and the proof is in the proof.

  2. Drew says:


    I believe you meant to say Rickey Jackson, not Sam Jackson when referencing Shaquille Riddick’s facemask.

  3. Lee says:

    Think they’ll be able to keep DTW off the field this year?

  4. tls62pa says:

    Rumblings Jacky Marcellus is done for the year and Rauterkus already quit.

  5. Sammy says:

    Who is Dayron Wilson? Dana in his presser seemed to indicate he was running with the ones at some position, though it was somewhat unclear.

    Also, did anyone catch the Hertzel moment about Trickett and social media? “I told you I got over that a long time ago Bob.” I thought that was actually pretty good by Dana.

  6. Philip says:

    that’s a whole lot of blogging going on, there, mike. must’ve been a restful break. just don’t sprain a finger or something.

    glad to see you — and football season — back.

  7. The Artist Formerly Known as EER96 says:

    Dana should have rolled into the presser with one of those clown wigs on just for Hertzel. That would have been a great way to kick things off.

  8. BobbyHeenan says:

    Good info, Mike.

    With Bell back and with good early reports (and obvious upside) from Dravon Henry (?CB or Nickle, maybe FS?), I think we have a significant amount of added depth instantly in the defensive backfield.

    However, I think the Marcellus loss hurts. I really am not enthusiastic about the inside WR spot. Shorts is good, but he’s Devin Brown/Millhouse. I’m not asking for another Tavon, but we don’t have anyone above that Brown Millhouse level (and we all know there’s a lot of space between Brown/Millhouse and Tavon), and I think that’s a big problem for this offense.

    I think Smallwood could take some snaps inside, but I contend that to be a good IR, you need to have a good “feel” for that role (sliding in behind LB, sitting down in a zone, knowing when to break off your route), and just inserting a guy who looks or runs like an inside WR won’t work.

  9. Dann White says:

    My Man Mike,
    I’m a day late on this thank you, but as always you have proven yourself the best eyes and ears a Charleston boy could have in M-town. Great insight, I am looking forward to another season with you out front.


  10. lowercase jeff says:

    bobby – i agree. i am super excited about the defense as a whole, but that defensive backfield is the main reason. I think there will be times when Banks Worley Bell Joseph Dillon Henry will all be on the field at the same time. Maybe its because im starved for defense, but that seems… um…. really good. like, really very really good.

    some combination of Bruce, Kwiatkoski, Golson, Rose, Hyman, Riddick in front of them? Gross, Harper, Tyler, Brown, Christian, Barber…

    i suppose the pass rush is still a concern, but i like the group. Mike referenced the quick passing game as a nullifier of certain elements d back blitzing – creating an even heavier reliance on inside pressure, and i agree, but i think length goes a long to as well, and we have that.

    for the last four years i have defended Dana because i couldnt not get past the low level of talent. on defense, this year, i believe the coaches have the players. they should be able to arm them with a scheme.

    on offense, i think we will be competent. i believe in tricket, i believe in the system. i believe in the line, the backs, and the outside guys. inside, as bobby pointed out, is open for the taking it seems.

    i think we’ll be better on O, very good on D, and finish 7-5

    bama L
    towson W
    @ maryland W
    oklahoma W
    kansas W
    @ ttu L
    baylor L
    @ osu L
    tcu W
    @ texas L
    ksu W
    @ isu W


  11. lowercase jeff says:

    “goes a long *way* as well”

  12. Drew says:

    Very good on defense? That’s some strong kool-aid, jeff.

    The defense has to improve for this team to be successful at all, but I’ll be surprised if the improvement of the players isn’t offset by the staff situation.

    I just can’t get out of my head the last two seasons we’ve endured on that side of the ball. Factor in that there is yet another DC in charge of these guys, that guy is Gibby, and multiple position coaches changed, then I have a hard time being very optimistic.

  13. lowercase jeff says:

    well i never have a hard time being optimistic. my overall point is that i believe, on defense, that the players are in the building. its up to the coaches now. i have zero reason outside of fandom to have faith in them, of course – but ive never denied my fandom.