Just be warned

Yeah, reading what follows might drive you crazy, but in this time where we call NCAA enforcement “broken” and argue whether cheating pays or if that’s even a fair thing to say within intercollegiate athletics, we took a look at another part of the problem.

Schools and the NCAA devote a lot of resources to secondary violations. We took a look at 15 months at WVU and things the Mountaineers had to police in areas as severe as envelope size, Twitter feeds, when a recruit’s dad ate and billed a meal, so on and so forth.

It’s all sort of silly, but it’s also a drain on enforcement.

“The key question is, ‘Is all of it necessary?’” Luck said “Are we wasting time and resources because of a tweet or a phone call on the wrong day or a meal that was provided inappropriately? That’s really a legitimate question. With all the resources we have, does it make sense to spend all that energy and money doing all of that oversight stuff?”

2 Responses to “Just be warned”

  1. JP says:

    There is a problem with an enforcement regime that expects violations and red flags schools that do not report violations.

  2. glibglub says:

    It seems that secondary violations are actively encouraged by the picayune nature of some of these rules. I mean, the dimensions of an envelope, for cryin’ out loud.