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It’s about to jump off

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dana with ball2

As long as it’s not yet July 31, I’m still on vacation as I recharge and reload for the upcoming season. We have our first practice Thursday and this thing won’t end for another five months. I expect a lot of fun here and there and everywhere in between.

I’ll leave you with this post as a way to get by until we get started. Surely things will happen in my absence, because we’re so close to the beginning and not because I’m away.

I also have a request for you.

Believe it or not, I have most of my camp coverage planned. I have the story ideas I want to pursue and the players and coaches I want to profile, and I even have some of the days set. The Tier 4 studio has been dusted and the camera charged.

But I know better and I built in wiggle room for things that will change my plans and stories that pop up and demand my attention. Which leads me to this: I don’t work or live in a vacuum. I’m here for a reason. Early on, tell me about something or someone you’ like to see covered here or in the newspaper … understanding those are different animals.

See you soon.